If we are asking Malone to explain himself as to the deadly mRNA technology that is core to the mRNA COVID gene injections, we MUST also get Karikó & Weissman under oath in the congress, these 3 must

by Paul Alexander

be called to testify as to mRNA technology; all 3 claim ownership; I would call them in under oath get them to explain how it works, how to turn it off stopping mRNA from translating to spike protein



I am for fairness and we cannot be asking questions of Malone and not these 2 other devils, these demons for what they did was bring death to the world.

‘But the story of how scientist Drew Weissman (MED’87, GRS’87) and his research partner Katalin Karikó developed the revolutionary mRNA technology that powers the world’s most effective COVID-19 vaccines was a much slower burn—one that easily could have flickered out. Their decades-long crusade has been marked by rejection, crushing setbacks, and dogged perseverance. Chance had nothing to do with it. Except, perhaps, for how they met.’

See this key study below which helps us understand how they were able to re-configure the mRNA (modify it) so that it hid from the immune system and was more stable etc. Beyond the encasing in the lipid fatty ball nano-particle.