If we continue to vaccinate, with these non-sterilizing vaccines that do not neutralize the virus, then we run the risk of more infectious variants and dangerously, a lethal one; be careful and warned

by Paul Alexander

OMICRON actually is a gift to end this pandemic, and key is that in being resistant to the vaccinal antibodies (Wuhan), vaccinal antibodies would not outcompete the innate antibodies that are set free

COVID is endemic, we told you this more than a year ago, it is DONE! Get out of the basement and begin your life, go on, be brave, throw away the masks, burn them, stop this madness, its over! Turn off CNN and FOX.

Always adopt a targeted age-risk stratified approach to pathology. Always.

I fear for nations like New Zealand. The vaccine has failed, but they locked down too long and too hard; limited natural immunity to stave it off. They are in trouble. The good news is Omicron is so very mild, alike a natural vaccine. But they are in the worst position.

Again, we should have never mass vaccinated (we do not mean ‘targeted vaccination of high risk groups) into this pandemic with a leaky imperfect non-sterilizing vaccine; we underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to adapt/evolve to the population immune pressure that is pressuring the spike directly (the receptor binding domain); we never ever mass vaccinate using a vaccine that does not stop transmission or infection as we did here. The chain of transmission will never be cut and herd immunity can never he had. Natural selection will thus work here to ‘select’ the most infectious variant that could overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure (the vaccinal antibodies are sub-optimal for it is mounting and not yet mature and fully developed).

The innate antibodies that are sterilizing and they are locked up being outcompeted by the vaccinal antibodies for the antigen; by Omicron being so resistant to the vaccinal immunity, then the vaccinal antibodies do not outcompete the innate antibodies and the innate antibodies are ‘set free’ to now be sterilizing and with the innate functional capacity returned to move closer to herd immunity.

DO NOT make an ‘OMICRON-specific’ vaccine; leave this alone, leave the children and young people alone and if you make an Omicron vaccine, you will keep this pandemic going for 100 years. It will never be over. You will harm the population and our children. You are damaging normally functional immune systems, and not just subverting the natural INNATE, but the natural acquired-adaptive (memory B and T cells (CD 4+ helper cells and CD 8+ killer cells)) immunity.

Remember, the innate immunity in young children and people, it is the first line of defense, and very broadly protective, potent, devastating to foreign virus; low-affinity, low-specificity and protects children. LEAVE them alone!