If we MASS vaccinate using vaccine that does NOT sterilize the virus, while there is ongoing massive infectious pressure, & while population immunity is mounting, then natural selection will factor in

by Paul Alexander

This has been the fear of GVBossche and he has been correct, and I too call on the vaccination to stop immediately as natural selection will select for highly infectious mutants as it is NOW!

We have greatly underestimated and discounted the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve (any respiratory type mutable virus), when it is placed under infectious pressure and sub-optimal ‘mounting’ immune pressure (immunity/antibodies that do not sterilize the virus) directed specifically at the spike protein. If the immune response was building while there was no circulating virus, then the virus (spike) would not be subjected to massive pressure and thus limited mutants. If the immune response was sterilizing/neutralizing, then it would neutralize the virus and prevent infection etc. In this case, we are talking about antibodies that CANNOT sterilize the virus (it cannot even match the Wuhan strain as this is Delta/omicron) along with a sub-optimal ‘immature’ and ‘not fully developed’ immunity that is mounting. As such, the highly infectious variants that could overcome the mounting pressure would be selected.

Thus there are several key risks but ones worth stating again are:

1) we will drive, not IF, but WILL drive escape mutants via immune escape and natural selection

2) we may drive not just highly infectious variants, but a potentially more lethal variant that could harm and severely threaten humanity

3) we could turn vaccinees into asymptomatic super-spreaders

4) we could damage the innate immunity of children that protects them usually from a broad range of pathogen; this is a real urgent concern; damaging the natural innate immunity of children will prevent any possibility of herd immunity as it is a key component.

This last point Geert and folk like I have been clamoring about, this is a real nightmare.