If you are a proven pedophile & raped & molested children, you should be put to death! Any health official, government technocrat at CDC, NIH, FDA, PHAC, anywhere, any COVID vaccine maker, mRNA, LNP

by Paul Alexander

any aspect of the fraud pandemic & the lockdowns & mRNA gene injection that killed people, & proper legal tribunals with judges ruling, juries, say they caused deaths, then death penalty on the table

Does not matter who you are, PMs, MPs, congress persons….anyone, anywhere, if it is shown in legal courts your COVID policies caused deaths of innocent people and children, then you must be imprisoned but place the death penalty on the table if judges say so and rules it is in order.

All about COVID was a fraud and lie 100%, used to topple Trump, and actually Trump was right when he said it was a hoax early on, he should not have backtracked.

You go Stew!