If you are a white, Christian, alpha, strong conservative, woman loving male, meat eater, in US today, you are DOA, dead on arrival, at the bottom of societal ladder, will get nothing, HATED! why?

by Paul Alexander

why have these white men been relegated to this for they did help build America, I hope you know that, yes, with others, but they were instrumental! why sacrifice & denigrate white christian men?

Kind of like Trump, and add his orange yellow tan, and hair, well he is sh*t out of luck! Trump is hated for who he is, and because he is and was successful. As crazy as that it, we have envious, petty people among who cannot stand to see others succeed.

Seems America has no place today for people of faith and need not only be Christian, I mean if men of any strong faith, white men, then you are crucified! Why? If heterosexual and not gay, you are crucified! Why? America does not have a place for STONG men anymore? Why?

Oh so you do not like me now for I raised this topic? Who cares what you think, unsubscribe.

Truth is that if you are a white, Christian, alpha, conservative, woman loving male, meat eater, in America today, you are vilified and hated. And it is ‘hip’ to hate you. In this woke bullshit culture we have spawned. I say NO, stop this madness now while we still can!

No one is to be denied or relegated or dehumanized or hated. No racism or discrimination must be allowed no where. No hand ups IMO, yet no impediments and people find their ways. No one, no black, no white, no one. Regardless of ethnicity or religion etc. We must be regarded as equals. Yet we have to ensure the opportunities and options and chances and choices are there for ‘ALL’. Not just ‘some’. This is the key. Not ‘equalness of outcomes’ but ‘equalness of opportunities’.

And women are not men and men are not women and our women must be celebrated for the queen she is, rightful place atop the throne too, in her separate yet equal place. Mother, wife, career woman, working etc. In all she aspires to be, no hand ups, just no impediments. Yet white men as I described above have increasing suicides and medical illnesses etc. and there is a reason. They are vilified by the media, the government, the democrats, even ‘woke’ republicans etc. why? They are hated upon and damaged by society and we have to address this urgently.

Let us debate this please, and be civil and let us have a decent civil debate. Please open the floor and share you thoughts in comments. Write as much as you want.