If you isolate people long enough like how we were under Trump's first lockdowns, and you barrage them with terrorizing news daily, and you offer them carrots e.g. vaccine for no mask or lockdown

by Paul Alexander

Then you can bend them to your will; you lock them down and close schools, and punish them and suffer them long enough, tear apart families, mandate unneeded vaccines, lose jobs, they will bend!

What our governments did hurt us badly with lockdowns, irreparably…

Yes, you can get people to be compliant and bend to your will! as long as you isolate them long enough, separate them, and torment and terrorize them daily, they will bend to your will…take an untested vaccine to get out of lockdown and no mask? sure, and they did…yet now the truth has come home to roost, it does not work and you are hearing it from me, the vaccines NEVER worked! you will come to learn that too.

All of this was a lie, and it pains me and some say dont mention Trump, but I am saying, he did this…the pain we are facing and faced, the devastation, the deaths due to the lockdowns, with lockdowns and the like is because of his inability to lead the pandemic response…yes, he allowed the inept conflicted illogical and I argue conspiring task force to run the response and they hurt us all. hurt our children and it was his doing…he sits on top of the 2 greatest public health disasters in history. he should never discuss this ever!

These vaccines will be shown, with the lockdowns, to be devastating public health disasters, not blunders, but crushing disasters.

I remind you, with the lockdowns and closed schools, children were physically abused and sexually abused and closed schools did not flag it, they were devastated, millions of children did not get their only daily meal as schools were closed, people did not care that millions of US children eat their only meal in school, children did not get their ears tested or eyes tested. millions of children starved daily in the US and you heard it from me, it cut across class lines. even more affluent children get their only meal in school due to lifestyles.

Closing schools kept children from taking common colds etc. to the home which is a coronavirus, and our parents and grand parents would have had their immune systems taxed and tuned up and thus would have staved off COVID virus. It sounds upside down but this is the reality…closing schools harmed granny! we even have evidence that homes with children had far less infection and deaths than homes with no children…having children in your home actually conferred protection.