If you rape, murder children, women, if you did that, if you force robbed where you threaten life, I want the victim if they could, kill you, deadly force! maximal; I want the state to hang you high!

by Paul Alexander

It is time we set up a public hang station and we hang anyone, no matter white, black, no matter, illegal, we hang and hang fast, 2 hours...crime to hanging! any capital crime, hang you in 2 hours

I do not support radical islam and those types of rules nor sharia law etc. I want a good governance real democratic society based on rules and laws but there comes a time when you become the animal, you behave like the animal to deal with the animals. So Sharia has extreme acts and like it or not, we are there now in places like Chicago etc. We must be irrational like the criminal and just carry it out twice, you will see crime to zero.

I do not like nor want violence in the people but we must now use our 2nd rights fully once life is threatened, we kill them…hard and fast. State must begin public executions, and no, many of the societal benefits these pukes do not deserve.

If you harmed, raped, murdered my children, my daughters, my queen, I can guarantee you, you will pray for the mercy of death by the time I get through with you…my life will be over emotionally so I will maximally obliterate you, whoever you are…I will suffer you in unimaginable ways…

so be warned! and what I just said, we must all think that way, we are peaceful, law abiding, civil kind loving people…we are, and we remain so and we don’t cross the line, but you cross the line and the police will receive you in parts!

many questions...I know, complex...not lynch mob, we carry out justice once we know bullet proof...read my white spaces.