'I'LL NEVER FORGIVE THE CORONAMANIACS' (Oshinskie), I agree fully, never ever forgive the CDC, NIH, FDA, their leaders, Pfizer, all the insane policy makers for what they did for they did it KNOWINGLY

by Paul Alexander

All we seek is that they be properly investigated & if no wrong is found, then so be it, life moves on, we pick up pieces but if shown they costed lives deliberately & needlessly, we JAIL them

Dispatches from a Scamdemic
No one should take Joe Biden seriously. He’s clearly of below average intelligence and is as dishonest as anyone you will ever meet. I assume that most of what he says, mumbles or stammers is 180 degrees from the truth. His speechwriters may be slightly smarter but they’re equally dishonest…
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No one should take Joe Biden seriously. He’s clearly of below average intelligence and is as dishonest as anyone you will ever meet. I assume that most of what he says, mumbles or stammers is 180 degrees from the truth.

His speechwriters may be slightly smarter but they’re equally dishonest.


On Tuesday night, Biden squintily asserted that the “vaxxes” had changed the course of a virus. They didn’t. The virus is seasonal. And the infection/death numbers have been gamed. That’s all that happened.

Sadly, many Americans are naive enough to believe the Dimwitted Delaware Dissembler.

But many aren’t. After a year of vaxx failure, the now widespread refusal to take any more shots tells you—even more clearly than his abysmal polling numbers do—that more people are finally perceiving the vaxx lies. If the Pharma-bought media would fairly report the shots’ lack of efficacy and side effects, almost no one would inject.

This winter, I knew a dozen people who got Covid. All were vaxxed. I know many who rejected the shots, as I did. We were all fine. After all of the infections that occurred among the injected, Biden has the temerity to continue to lie, as he did on March 1, 2022, that the vaxxes stop the spread.

And to recommend that we should do more of what has obviously failed. And to do it to more children. Some government policy is so bad that it’s almost funny. But this isn’t. Kids are not at risk from this virus. Messing with their health is monstrous.

Worst of all, tacitly acknowledging that many Americans are very angry about having been subjected to two years of ineffective lockdowns, mask mandates, testing and tracing, and injections, Biden blithely suggested that we let bygones be bygones.

This is not remotely possible.

To begin, why should I even consider forgiving someone who blatantly lied to me—again—a minute earlier? The shots not only failed, they’ve already caused much injury and death. These effects will likely increase multi-fold as time passes. Pfizer’s side effect report— issued yesterday—reveals why they tried—and almost succeeded—to keep these data sealed for 70 years.

Not only won’t I forgive the loathsome Biden, I refuse to forgive any of those who claimed I was killing people by refusing, and criticizing, the jive jabs. One Coronamaniac—some Internet stalker/censor/fascist who called himself “John Schroeder—” even tried to have me fired by reporting me to my employer because I criticized the injections.

Despite Stasi Schroeder’s best efforts, I still have my job. Everything I said was true. Stalker Schroeder, you know where I live and work. Come, unarmed, to meet me.

Asking someone to forgive after Coronamania would be like someone burning down my house one night and greeting me the next morning by saying, “Hey, let’s forget the whole thing happened. We had a difference of opinion.” It’s like an abusive boyfriend sending candy and flowers.

Forgiveness is not possible without contrition. Neither the wicked clown Biden, nor his mindless backers, will admit they were wrong. Aside from repeating the “vaxxes stop the spread” lie, Biden declined to apologize for the deaths and injuries that have occurred to the vaxxed. He directly fostered division by falsely, grouchily and persistently asserting that this was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The Divider in Chief took no responsibility for coercing, via his clearly unconstitutional OSHA mandate, tens of millions of Americans to take a shot they didn’t want. If someone violates their oath of office, why should anyone believe them?

I have—and I know you have—seen, up close, and heard many other accounts of, people whose lives have been turned upside down and permanently damaged by the lockdowns and school closures, which were effected to create a political opportunity for an otherwise unelectable candidate. I’ve seen on-line graduation ceremonies and gowns mailed to students so they could take photos in their backyards, and prom dresses and sports uniforms that were never worn. I’ve heard stories of teens breaking down and crying in their rooms because their youth was being stolen. I’ve seen people unnecessarily unemployed for eight months, desperately seeking work, via computer, ten hours a day, seven days a week. Tens of thousands more people fatally overdosed than in an average year. I was barred from visiting my very ill mother in the hospital. How many families couldn’t gather, either to break bread or to mourn the death of a close relative? Marriages have been postponed; how many children will not have been born because of Corona theater? Overall, how many billions of memories that could have been made, weren’t? Stolen time is irreplaceable.

I’ve also seen families divided by the vaxx mandates. For what? A shot that no reasonably healthy person under 70 should have even considered, much less been required to take under a Sword of Damocles/ultimatum regarding one’s livelihood?

The costs of Corona theater have been immeasurably, unimaginably high. None of it saved any lives. It only further concentrated wealth and enabled the election of a clearly incompetent and corrupt individual.

I’ll never forget all of the harm strategically caused, and how many—and which—people staked out the gullible ground during Coronamania. You’re not my friends anymore. You’ll never again be.

It’s better that way. Anyone who didn’t see what a scam the past two years have been is not as smart--despite any academic credentials---as I need them to be. It's only worth it to share time with people who can apprehend reality and understand the larger consequences of their actions or the actions of others whom they support. As during other relationships at other times in life, once one sees how some people have bought the lies and overreacted to Covid, one can recall prior dubious conduct by the same individuals that was tolerated but shouldn’t have been.  

Goodbye to all you, and all that.