'I'm the f***ing President': Trump tried to GRAB The Beast's steering wheel and LUNGED at Secret Service agent's throat in bid to drive to Capitol on January 6, aide Cassidy Hutchinson testifies

by Paul Alexander

My view: this is utter bull shit; Trump would not have had access to the steering wheel & unless he has 15 feet arms, can't happen as she said; Secret Service will clear this up, let's hear from them!

Amber Heard 2.0. I do not believe what she said. Period!

I think 100% Secret Service, they will say this is utter bull shit! Come on, let us hear from them! It is one thing to have a hearing, it’s another to bring bull shit. I do not buy any of this.

The hatred these people have for Trump is insane. I am very disappointed in him for the lockdowns and vaccines (he allowed them e.g. Fauci et al. to snow him and did not fire them or stop the fraud COVID vaccine e.g. Bourla of Pfizer etc., but still, he was better than the last 10 POTUSs combined and he only had one year…Paul ‘Eunuch’ Ryan destroyed his first 2 years and the last was deep in COVID shit. So it’s the 3rd year and he tops them all still…you judge Trump on year 3. Hands down, the greatest. Though he sits on top of 2 of the greatest public health disasters in history. He will need to square that…but this today is bull. I do not buy it!