Imagine this is you will, you the public was lied to & deceived & misled into taking a mRNA technology COVID gene based vaccine that YOU DID NOT NEED & they even said it failed & was ineffective

by Paul Alexander

Yet you took it, at least 200 million got 1 shot, so the question is, how gullible are you or scared? You had one saying you were under 'hypnosis' mass formation when it appears he MASS formated YOU?

The irony of all of COVID is staggering, I cannot still understand how we got here. We have not the people, but the hanger on freaks culprits who decided to use COVID to make money ONLY. We had inventors of the very same mRNA technology that is harming you in the shots, now joining you in saying it was ‘unsafe’, yet they did it and to day, still remain unquestioned. It boggles my mind the hypocracy and duplicity. They count on your apparent mindlessness (to them) or they think you are stupid. Yes, that is what they think. So you will fall for anything.

I say the time has come to send them, the ‘inventors’ a clear message, send all linked to the COVID lie and the vaccine, a message.