IMO, I don't think the republicans deserve to govern; if democrats can get every late counting election on their side, they are showing how to steal and WIN, if they can do it and get away with it,

by Paul Alexander

more power to them! they deserve to govern, they are not weak pus*ies like republicans; imagine, with Trump, now, 2 years after they did not have lawyers etc. ground game to respond? Emerald Robinson

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I remind with this repost, in your face, as you look on, the democrats & media are stealing the house victory & senate, IN YOUR face & the pusillanimous republicans can do nothing about it, RINOs...
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Update: they just did what I/we said was happening and stole the Nevada senate seat. In your face! And *itch McConnell sat back and allowed it! Hell, encouraged it. In your face and you tell me republicans deserve to win?


I must hand it to the democrats. I actually admire their penchant for war and ability to win, they know what needs to be done.

Red wave? No, more like a ripple, a little splash. Someone dipped their toe in, that’s all.

Remember, if this played out as we thought it would ‘legally’, there would be many people jailed due to the fraud of COVID, from virus lab manufacture to the fraud Bourla and Bancel mRNA shots. They cannot have that though, the ‘powers’, not even republicans, even some republicans worked and are working to ensure republicans do not have power else they would have to act. And get some accountability as per the voters’ demands. Cannot have that. They benefitted. Oh, you do not like what I just wrote. That there may be republican and democrat law makers and congresspeople who made money off of COVID, got contracts, families? Friends? Benfitted in some way? OK, I will be quiet and not say it again, ok, sssshhhhhh.

Now it is midnight or so November 12th 2022 and I am telling you, democrats will now take the house, rather, steal it from in front of you, IMO. Sit back, go get some popcorn, and watch ‘the art of the steal’. Watch how weak irrelevant pusillanimous people act, watch the republicans. Watch Mitch and Keven, two of the most inept RINOs ever. Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy are IMO, two very dangerous people and have IMO, never worked for or represented the best interests of Americans. Two bull sh*t artists, to me.

These two did and do more damage to republicans than the enemy. Worst than Paul ‘eunuch Benedict Arnold’ Ryan, if that is even possible. Ryan as you know, devastated Trump’s first two years when he had house, senate and WH. They did most damage to Trump and to me, if the democrats could steal the senate so easily and steal house seats already, then better let them win it all for the republicans will take 2 years of a house win and cause so much disaster that they will not ever win senate or WH again.

In a weird way, better to let the steal occur so you the pus*y republicans have something to run on. Else you will get the house, maybe by a seat to two, yet spend 2 years capable of nothing, for nothing will move out of the house with a democrat senate and WH. Winning such a weakened house means you are set up for failure. You republicans will be blamed for high gas, cost of living, inflation, crime etc. even though you did none of it. Media is already writing the daily headlines e.g. “Governing republicans remain weak on crime as death rates spike in most inner cities and urban centers”. Think carefully of what I am saying. Better let the democrats crater the US some more. Actually, accept defeat. Winning the house now in your irrelevant and inept state as per your sit back as it is all stolen in your face, will cost you all three levels in 2024. This way maybe, just maybe the public will be so destroyed by the next 2 years of democrats, they may gave you the nod. Maybe.

The real question is why won’t republicans harvest votes too? Whatever that means. Go ask Abrams how to do it, she is a queen boos at it. Where is the republican ground game? Where are the lawyers? Just do exactly what democrats do. It seems to be legal. Focus on the mail ins too and do it how they do it. Exactly, just a bit more. I don’t know, but word is they stuff envelopes with fake votes, fraud votes, make believe votes. I don’t know. What exactly is done? We have to ensure all is legal all the time but seems the democrats do legal things so just follow them. To me it makes sense. Nothing illegal, just follow democrats.

Yes, America is now reduced to a banana republic!

You weak pink pus*y (poissy) hat wearing republicans could not get the right lawyers on tap, on the floor, waiting in each of these states? To move and protect the vote? To protect our democracy? This is insane when you think about it!

Lockdowns, ah that little pesky lockdown. The lockdowns and vaccine and republicans are getting punished for it. There is no trust anymore!

Make no mistake, in the election result too, is wrapped up disdain and anger by the voter, the republicans (and democrats), on the fraud harmful vaccines. The unmarried women voted democrat. Do not be misguided, the lockdowns are biting hard now.

Yes, Biden rolled the vaccine out but it came under Trump and people have lost loved ones due the fraud shot. This election must also be a wakeup call that unless people take ownership for the lockdown lunacy and the ensuing deaths and COVID vaccine caused deaths, the public will continue to punish you at the polls. Republicans think because Biden rolled out the shots, he owns it. But no, the public is smarter than that and both wear it. And they continue to punish the republics and Trump. Yes, I said it, Trump lost the 2020 election in part due to the devastation of the lockdowns he allowed Fauci and Birx to exact on the public. And the public punishes him and them now due to the devastation of the vaccines.

Let me a bit clearer. POTUS Trump allowing Fauci and Birx to lead the lockdown lunacy costed him the 2020 election and I, and I think you, at some level, know it. Even when we remove possible stolen votes (btw, I think both sides steal votes). The lockdowns hurt Trump electorally. He still does not get it and maybe he does. Who am I to know. The vaccines Trump authorized under Operation Warp Speed have been devastating and have killed thousands and will kill thousands. Military and police are vaccine injured today and border agents etc. There will be many deaths of good ordinarily healthy military and police to come. It is coming, it happens.

These remain 2 of the greatest public health disasters )lockdowns and OWS COVID injections) and until Trump owns up to this, until he recognizes that the lockdowns and school closures and vaccines were a failure, and devastated people, and says sorry, and shows the right empathy, and promises to hold all who misguided and misled him to account, to punish them and jail them using proper legal inquiry, until then, I do not think he or republicans can ever win again. People also love the free money CARES gave them, and this was dangerous and devastating. You changed society forever, you took people who cut against the grain of default laziness, and then encouraged them to be lazy and get free money.

You bought their laziness and compliance with COVID money and helped develop Karens to help enact your lockdown lunacy. You paid big Box to help you enact your lockdown lunacy while destroying ‘mom and pop’ business, forever. That free money etc. destroyed the will, that special thing to work and keep pace with life, to earn and pay bills etc. in many. The free CARES money is like ‘the Great Society’ by Lyndon Johnson in 1965/1966 that moved to destroy 100 years of gains black Americans made post 1865 ending of slavery. It broke the backs of good, strong black Americans (devastated the African American family, the nuclear family) who were actually digging out of the ravages of slavery and actually outpacing whites in many socio-economic indicators for 100 years post slavery ending until 1965 when all indicators plunged downward. We just did the same in 2020 and 2021 with the entire American population. We may have broken the will and desire for hundreds of thousands if not millions.

You hooked them now on free money and handouts and the democrats actually got a republican US POTUS to do this. It is mind boggling to me, at least. You poured so much trillions of stimulus money into an economy that did not need it, and now bitch about inflation? It is not only Biden’s stimulus that has caused this hyper-inflation, but Trump’s too. If you wish to understand an issue, we have to be honest.

The lockdowns and still failure to address the losses from them, to own up to it and show the empathy and stop the boasting that they worked, will haunt all who do it. I fear Trump. And I still say he did good and I support him. I have nothing ill to say except he sat atop the two greatest disasters in US histories. He must stop saying the vaccines were a success, no POTUS Trump, in all respects, they failed day 1 and are deadly. Always were and they lied to you, all those people who advised you e.g. Azar, Fauci, Francis Collins, Peter Marks, Bourla, Bancel, all of them, they lied that it would work and did work. They knew their own data showed it was failed and harmful.

I just do not understand how someone as brilliant as you could not understand that you do not take a 15 year drug or vaccine development process where the majority of the time is for safety surveillance etc., and then boil it down to 4 months or so and expect that it will be safe. That you can then attest that it is safe and effective. How? That was always wrong, illogical, absurd, specious, non-sensical, misleading and actually devastatingly fraudulent. They lied to you! You believed them and we were devastated.

And do not be fooled, if the coming US POTUS election is even close in November 2024, democrats will then quickly turn to how deadly the vaccines are, and will move to stop it ‘officially’, and blame Trump. I warn, come out soon Sir, POTUS Trump, stand up against them. Soon, you will be blamed shortly for all of it. Lockdowns and all. You already are. This midterms, unless people have their heads up their you know what, is and was a referendum on lockdowns and the fraud failed COVID injection (so called vaccine).

So how can republicans win? Lockdowns hurt them and continue to and no one is taking responsibility or owning up to the tragedy. They pretend the vaccine was useful and harmless. No, the public is punishing you for the vaccine and lockdowns and will continue to. Now in your face stealing by the opponents? Truth is, republicans have an elephant in the room they cannot shake and opponents who are stealing the clothes from off their backs.

Stealing Nevada right in front of you! Democrats know exactly what to do. I have to hand it to them, I admire them for their skill at stealing democracy! The democrats are cheating and stealing democracy, AGAIN, and between what Fauci and Birx did to topple Trump with their lockdown lunacy and the votes on election night, we now face the future with no democracy! Yes, republicans They do not mind being in the minority, in fact, that is what they contest to do, to lose. Country Club Republicans and crony corporatists love the cheap labor and welcome the invasion. Yes, they do!

CNN, dems etc. know they have bagged it, they stole it and manufactured votes. They are taking it, Nevada and Arizona etc. UNLESS you stop them. If republicans are allowing it, why not? If I were the democrats, I would steal it, seems they know how to. Big props for them. Praise even. It is breath taking that the republicans are that inane and vacuous and stupid! It is as if they do not know what cheating is!

Democrats manufacture votes like how our money is printed, out of thin air! They even have people who are in charge of the election count in certain states identifying as Republicans. Talking on media. In your face I tell you! In your face. When for decades we never had these counting issues in these certain states. How come now? When your capacity should be improved.

I tell you IN YOUR FACE, they will steal NEVADA and repubicons (spelt so for a reason) can do nothing by look on! What a weak worthless bunch of idiots. Corrupted people who are part of the selling out of America. It is not only democrats, its the republicans too. Few are like Johnson…few…that’s our problem, don’t have the critical mass.

Ask yourself, how come every senate and house race since in Trump’s time that had late votes and bags dropped and delayed counting, ALL, ALL went for democrats? how? I tell you when I grow a third male tit, I will buy that.

You mean to tell me that republicans were so stupid to not have lawyers etc. on the floor after 2 years bitching, to put a stop to this theft? To intervene and ensure this is not stolen? We have no confidence this is pure.

The democrats slow count to devise the number needed and go find those votes. We are not stupid but we are pained for the republicans allow this to happen and let them steal our democracy!

No, let the democrats govern please, they earned it and worked it…they can take an election night where you are up in all states and with the media and their crookery, emerge victories and call a loss a win! We have a party that seeks to destroy America and run it into the ground and INVADE IT, yes, the democrat party just orchestrated the greatest invasion (5 million illegals) of America…America invaded itself, led by Biden…and the pus*y republicans stood by pulling fuzzballs out of their big toes say “hhrmff, if we get power we will do this and we will do that’…bull sh*t, republicans only know how to drink wine and eat cheese…and gossip…democrats know how to achieve this with power, the other party, republicans, do not know how to govern, or win, and do not know what the hell to do…

watch closely how they will steal Kari Lake’s victory in your face homie, and while doing it, will steal Laxalt’s…

I say pack it in, give the whole dame thing to the democrats so we can get to the place where we as citizens seek a discussion with them…not the republicans, they do not represent our interests.

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Oshinskie (Dispatches from a Scamdemic) has a great take on this too and we are on the same page. Good piece.

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I end again:

The mid-terms terrible results were due to the pain and suffering people still feel due to the failed pandemic response e.g. lockdowns and school closures where children hung themselves, the fraud harmful vaccine and no one, not even POTUS Trump has taken ownership. That is the only way republicans will see power again. Republicans own the pandemic disaster. Imagine, failed border, high gas, inflation, cost of living, crime on streets, a bumbling incoherent declining POTUS and republicans could not win? Women, unmarried women were right to say NO, and vote for democrats, for they fear that more freedoms will be encroached upon. Unmarried women broke for democrats. Why do you think?

When people say ‘no, SCOTUS, no one will outlaw abortions, relax, do not fear’, women do not believe that. If I were a woman, I would also not trust and I am pro-life as a man. I understand though their concerns. Very real. Our liberties and freedoms were decimated in the pandemic response and no one is to believe anyone anymore, until the right people own up to the devastations of COVID. That they allowed. Both sides will gravitate. This is a debate about freedoms and how a republican POTUS took it away or allowed it to be taken away by Fauci and Birx. Oh, they hollowed him out just good. They toppled him. He just does not know it. As I said before, July 2020 there was no path to victory, I was there, and the internals said was due to the lockdowns and pain and suffering of school closures and the loss of freedoms. They toppled Trump by taking away freedoms and by extension, hurt the republican party long-term.

They did it with the lockdown lunacy, and Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins ensured republicans will never see power again. Not only toppled Trump, they set the loss up for good. You just do not see it yet!