In US, Canada, UK, Australia etc, in all these nations, government officials with the help of the medical profession, locked you down, closed schools, killed business owners, laid off employees hung..

by Paul Alexander

They hung themselves, our children committed suicide due to Fauci and Birx inspired lockdowns, POTUS Trump's greatest mistake & vaccines, the 'lockdown lunatics'; it is time, VOTE them all out!

The doctors, the medical profession conspired with the government to harm us and kill us, they killed many with their failed COVID lockdown lunacy, these lockdown lunatics, and we must hold them all to account, examine each and if it is shown with proper inquiring that they caused deaths, recklessly and needless, then we clean them out of every penny and we jail them! Any and all of them who caused deaths….no matter who. Never ever must this happen again…start investigating Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla of Pfizer, and Bancel of Moderna. Start there, then Birx…if it is shown they did nothing wrong, then we sing praises, if it is shown they did, we jail them for each death they caused.

Elections are coming in US again in 5 months, vote them all out, all of these bottom dweller politicians who stole PPP and PPE money for hospitals, find out who they are, follow the money, get it back, and jail them and start with voting them out…they are saying hospitals are strained, so then they stole the money…find the money trail and get it back…