'IndiGo Pilot Dies At Nagpur Airport's Boarding Gate Moments Before Flying Plane'; ssshhh, is this the mRNA technology COVID gene injection vaccine? cardiac arrest again! don't say it ! The death

by Paul Alexander

of the IndiGo pilot at Nagpur Airport is the second such incident involving an Indian pilot in two days after a Qatar Airways pilot suffered heart attack onboard a flight yesterday; mRNA vaccine?


An IndiGo pilot died moments before flying an aircraft from the Nagpur Airport on Thursday, officials said. The 40-year-old pilot collapsed near a boarding gate at the Nagpur airport and was going to operate the airline's Nagpur-Pune flight. Prima facie, he died due to "sudden cardiac arrest", said KIMS-Kingsway Hospital where he was rushed, reported PTI. Aejaz Shami, spokesperson of the hospital, said the emergency team of the hospital gave him CPR but he did not respond.’


Why all of a sudden we are seeing these commercial pilot incapacitations and deaths? Why? Will 2 to 3 large commercial planes loaded with people fall from the sky killing hundreds if not thousands, before the FAA, the airline industry etc. acts to safeguard pilots and the passengers, by demanding pilots exclude silent myocarditis (asymptomatic) or other issues likely due to the mRNA COVID gene injection, before entering the cockpit? What will it take when simple tests of the blood e.g. D-DIMER, high sensitivity Troponin, EKGs, chest MRI with gadolinimum contrast etc. are available? Simple, cheap, easy to conduct to safeguard the pilots and the cockpit. Pilots are usually very healthy and so why these deaths? These incapacitations?

Why is the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) silent? Why is it pretending there is no problem? Is the FAA turning a blind eye? Is it incentivized to do so?

Why would the industry even be thinking of only a single pilot flying the plane? That would be disastrous if the sole pilot is incapacitated or dies…think about that and so this idea is a non-starter.

As someone trained in evidence-based medicine and epidemiology, the data is showing a signal and clear trend that pilots are falling ill and it is likely the COVID mRNA injection as the common denominator…something stinks and something is happening. The FAA, pilots, the industry itself must move to act now to safeguard the cockpit. Think of this as immediate post 9/11 and how the industry moved to solidify the cockpit doors and now have armed marshalls on board!