'Infobesity': How queen coverage could fuel 'news fatigue'; I personally have had enough, turn this off, we have our own issues, and btw, the Royals are taxpayer leeches, we went to war to rid of it

by Paul Alexander

I think the vaccine killed the Queen, sad for anyone's death, even people I have no interest in, I came from a place that needed independence from this & live in US who shed blood to rid of it; good!

These Royals pimp off the British taxpayer, leeches. All of them who do nothing for their nation or world. Fed up of hearing about this. Britain has a history that is not good colonizing nations, invading them, killing natives etc. Enslaving people. So forgive me as someone with ancestors who were slaves, to not give a damn!


My sympathy as to anyone or family that experiences death for it is always sad and tragic. No one knows how it feels unless they go through this. Sympathies to the Queen for the derelict family she had and boy are they are bunch of derelicts. I actually thought the Queen was interesting and well behaved and ideal for her role but I have never seen a role for the monarch in Britain or world for decades now. That’s it, my island nation got independence for a reason. US shed blood for a reason to rid itself of the monarchy. Sympathies to Diana to have even touched that. IMO lowered her and soiled her. I thought Diana was unique and special. I decided to give my opinion given FOX is saying how we feel etc.

Funny how FOX and CNN repeat the same crap that Americans can’t get enough of it. Says who? That’s BS. Americans are not sitting around watching this as FOX and CNN intimates. It is you FOX shoving it down people’s throat like how you had Siegal and Cavuto and Saphire shill and shove the fraud vaccine down out throats.