Injecting Children with the mRNA COVID Gene Injection or Any of the COVID Injections Can be Very Damaging to Their Developing Innate Immune System; it is the prized 'innate' immune system in children

by Paul Alexander

The COVID pandemic would have been over, yet it is continuing to expand due to the use of the existing non-neutralizing COVID injections that do not stop infection, replication, or transmission


Before I unfold this offering, a critical point must be tabled. This is that we have underestimated the evolutionary biology and the dynamics at play between the COVID virus (coronavirus, respiratory virus) and the resulting immune response from the population, either via natural infection or vaccine. Those making decisions have disregarded the evolutionary capacity of the virus to adapt and evolve due to the population immune pressure (mounting). This is especially if the immune response is sub-optimal and immature with immune fixation and priming (prejudice) that has induced vaccinal antibodies that do not neutralize the antigen (in this case, Wuhan vaccine spike antibodies facing omicron BA.5 spike/clade). This interplay and dance between virus and host immune system should have been the cardinal issue on day one, for today, we are faced with infectious variant after infectious variant due to the non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccine (vaccinal antibodies) that do not stop infection or transmission, placing the spike and binding domains under massive Darwinian selection pressure to select for the more ‘fitter’ infectious variants. The danger is that we can drive the emergence of a more virulent lethal sub-variant clade.

The COVID pandemic would have been over, yet it is continuing to expand due to the use of the existing non-neutralizing COVID injections that do not stop infection, replication, or transmission, and in fact, drive emergence of infectious sub-variants (and a potentially virulent/lethal one). The Omicron virus (sub-variants) is largely resistant to the potentially neutralizing and non-neutralizing antigen-specific, vaccine induced antibodies (Abs).

First, this COVID gene injection must be stopped! It has failed and is ineffective and harmful. There is no other way for me to say it other than it must be stopped. The vaccine is driving massive infectious pressure and keeping the virus circulating. Ultimately, vaccinated persons are becoming infected and spreading the virus. It is that simple and ominous. Very early on I wrote a review in Brownstone showing that there was no difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and that the vaccine was failing.

Omicron is the latest variant (and it’s subvariants/clades) since the initial Wuhan legacy strain (some estimates are that the initial emergence could be sometime late 2018 and early to mid-2019) and has evolved into a mild ‘common cold’ sub-variant (BA.4 & BA.5) that one can argue could become (or already is) endemic and circulate seasonally as a common cold like coronavirus (e.g., OC43 and 229E common cold coronaviruses.) However, the high specificity and largely resistant, vaccinal Abs are placing the spike glyco-protein (binding sites such as the receptor binding domain and the N-terminal domain) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus under sub-optimal immune pressure. This pressure on the spike is causing the selection (via Darwinian natural selection) of more infectious (evolutionary fittest) variants that could overcome the pressure with viral immune escape (antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) as well as antibody-dependent enhancement of disease (ADED) and original antigenic sin (whereby there is immune fixation or immune locking or priming or prejudicing based on the initial prime or exposure).

The result is that those who are vaccinated are at enhanced risk of infection (due to infection-enhancing vaccinal antibodies), and those who are not vaccinated have benefitted from infection-mediated training of innate cell-mediated immunity (the training, education, and instructing of the innate immunity and the critical role of the innate antibodies in this training). This training is based on massive infectious pressure. Theoretically, this pandemic can continue for many years if the use of these sub-optimal non-neutralizing gene injections is not stopped. Infectious variant after infection variant will emerge, and a potentially infectious variant that is more virulent and severe will result.

While there was some protection of the upper respiratory airways in the pre-Omicron era, with the exiting (dominant) Omicron sub-variants (BA.4 & BA.5) that are largely resistant to vaccinal neutralizing antibodies, the vaccinated persons have become more susceptible to infection, and we are witnessing more virulent variants becoming dominant (Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5). “Neutralization experiments revealed that the immunity induced by BA.1 and BA.2 infections is less effective against BA.4/5. Cell culture experiments showed that BA.2.12.1 and BA.4/5 replicate more efficiently in human alveolar epithelial cells than BA.2, and particularly, BA.4/5 is more fusogenic than BA.2.” Importantly, virulence-neutralizing antibodies (Abs) (these are the same as those enhancing/facilitating infection at the upper respiratory tract) still protect against severe disease in the vaccinated person (e.g., in the case of BA.1 and BA.2) in the lower respiratory tract. However, it is very likely that with the growing resistance of BA.4 and BA.5 clades to the virulence-neutralizing Abs, then vaccinated persons will quickly become more susceptible to virulence. This is a major concern.

Widespread asymptomatic transmission in highly vaccinated nations and the subsequent rise in infectious pressure (due to circulating virus in the midst of the pandemic) is causing infection-mediated immunity in certain subsets of the population to no longer suffice to prevent productive infection. As a result, we are seeing a rise in the global spread of a number of acute, self-limiting microbial infections (e.g., ‘seasonal’ flu, RSV but also vaccine-preventable viral and bacterial infections in countries that interrupted their childhood vax program due to Covid crisis) and also of some acute, self-limiting viral diseases (e.g., monkeypox, potentially pandemic [avian H5N1] flu). In addition, depletion (and immune exhaustion) of cytotoxic CD8+ T-cells due to repetitive cycles of re-infection has also led to an increased recurrence/reactivation rate of chronic infections (e.g., herpetic diseases, CMV, EBV, CMV, HIV, tuberculosis etc.) and relapse or metastasis of certain cancers in vaccinees.

What are we saying about these COVID injections (mass vaccination) for children?

A rapid mass vaccination campaign that utilizes a sub-optimal, antigen-specific non-neutralizing vaccine (such as the COVID vaccines) across all age groups in the pandemic (in the midst of an active pandemic of a highly mutable and highly infectious respiratory virus with high infectious pressure) can only generate a continued series of dominating new variants that are increasingly infectious, increasingly vaccine-resistant (due to “immune escape”), and inevitably more virulent (potentially lethal). In short, the mass vaccination campaign that has been implemented during the COVID pandemic can potentially keep the pandemic going for many years with the potential of more virulent sub-variants emerging.

Importantly, children bring statistical zero risk of severe illness or death from this COVID virus, and this was the same across near 3 years. The data is stable. In the US, as well as in Sweden and Germany, no healthy child has died from COVID due to being infected, in nearly 3 years. Not one! This is the data the media will not tell you. The immune system of children needs to be educated and trained for life-long optimal functionality. The vaccine implementation will damage and subvert the initiation of education and instruction of the innate immune system in children (the first line of immunological defense). It is critical that you as parents understand this.

Parents must understand that when the COVID injection is given to young children, this (the vaccinal antibodies that are induced due to the vaccine) prevents the child’s innate antibodies from eliminating the virus confronted with now, and prevents the active training and teaching of the innate immune effector cells on how to recognize (glycosylated) viruses and distinguish them from “self” antigens (i.e., distinguish between “self” and “non-self.”). There is a critical window of training for any immune system to learn at an early stage of life (once passive maternal immune protection is no longer available e.g., at about 4 to 6 months post birth) to provide for a healthy and appropriate immune response, immediate and life-long. This interference with the initiating foundational education of a child’s developing innate immune system can cause a COVID-vaccinated child to be less capable of handling glycosylated viruses (and glycosylated pathogens in general, as well as a range of pathogen). This predisposes such children to immune pathology (e.g., autoimmune disease). 

I end by appealing to parents that under no condition, do you vaccinate your healthy child with these non-neutralizing COVID injections since your child brings near zero risk to the table, and the vaccine has failed and is ineffective. It also skews to harm. Yes, discuss with your doctor but take time to understand the very low risk that a healthy child has of severe illness or even death post COVID infection. Thus, please do not inject your healthy child with these COVID gene injections. Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Walensky, no one, no NIH, FDA, CDC or NIAID or PHAC or Health Canada or SAGE official or government official has made the case as to why your healthy child is to be vaccinated with these failed, harmful COVID gene injections. Not one! Do not do it!’