Insanity by MODERNA, bivalent vaccine brought forward is as worthless & dangerous as present MODERNA & Pfizer mRNA vaccines; WHY? it's original Wuhan spike & BA.1 variant that is no longer dominant

by Paul Alexander

Covid: UK first country to approve dual-strain vaccine - BBC News, Moderna Announces Omicron-Containing Bivalent Booster Candidate mRNA-1273.214 Demonstrates strong Antibody Response Against Omicron

This ‘new’ vaccine to be released in September by Moderna in UK, based on reports. This is junk science and will not work and actually drive infectious variants based on what has happened today. This is money making pharma leeches.

If you are bring a new so called ‘vaccine’ comprised of the initial Wuhan spike that has been long gone a year now and a sub-variant clade BA.1 that is non-dominant (near non-existent) today and thus does not match the circulating BA.5 sub-variant’s spike, then how in good heavens do you expect the vaccinal antibodies to work?

This is highly reckless and dangerous by Moderna and purely a money making outfit, for if they bring a vaccine now with the Wuhan strain for spike and the BA.1 clade, this means it will driving immunological response (antibodies) to Wuhan strain (spike) that is long gone, does not exist a year now and also, the BA.1 is no longer a dominant variant. So there will again be sub-optimal immune pressure (vaccinal antibodies) on the spike and this will drive immune escape and more infectious variants to emerge. This is a complete failure before it is even brought forward! This is a vaccine company seeking to make money on the backs of unsuspecting populations. Crooks, IMO.



'Sharpened tool'

Moderna's vaccine targets both the original strain and the first Omicron variant (BA.1), which emerged last winter. It is known as a bivalent vaccine as it takes aim at two forms of Covid.”