INVASION: America is invading itself, Biden administration is invading America! It is hard to believe that a sitting POTUS and his administration would be destroying the US; what do you see here?

by Paul Alexander

It is orchestrated to me, planned, decisive, night after night this happens in single and double file, this is set up by powers in the government US side and elsewhere; no sane nation would do this!

Who would do this? This is why we need a Trump to get back up in there and tear things up…we go to strip things down to studs now. Fire deep, wide, and jail many, many! Start with all alphabet public health agencies NIH, FDA, CDC, NIAID and start with Francis Collins and Fauci. Add Bourla and Bancel, the 4 Horsemen.

The insane open borders tactics of the left and RINOs are causing devastating and radical demographic changes in the US.


Obama’s tent for his birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard…could Obama not erect similar tent to house the illegals until Martha properly settled them in? hhhhmmmmm….

Tent Obama set up for his birthday party on Martha Vineyard. Could he not erect one for these for the illegals until they were settled in?