Iran is what worries me, they will not stop until they have nuclear weapons & the Biden admin alike the Obama admin will let them get there; Iran WILL use nukes on Israel & US first chance

by Paul Alexander

Iran will bomb Israel the moment they get nuclear weapons and Obama ensured this; do you think the drone landed in Iran 'on its own' wink wink, or 2 naval gun boats ran aground JUST like so wink wink

You think I forgot Obama and Biden, they gave Iran (government) our US drone and the 2 gun boats…I never forgot, so that Iran could get the technology to then use it on the US…

Obama-Biden gave Iran (government, not the people) this technology, yes, they ordered the drone down and the gun boats down…think carefully when you read these stories…I never forgot. It’s not the Iranian people, great people, I know many, good friends, its the ruling government.


LINK: Iran Claims It Hacked Into U.S. Drone And Forced It To Land


LINK: Iran Holding 2 US Navy Boats in Persian Gulf