'Iran, U.S. advance deal to swap prisoners, free oil funds': this story is a lie en face; this was always Obama & Biden seeking ways to enrich Iran & give them nuclear weapons; money & nukes to use on

by Paul Alexander

US & Israel; always was the game; hell, Obama & Biden gave Iran besides the billions in cash, they gave Iran the sensistive US drone, remember that, and the 2 naval gun boats, to learn the technology

to one day use it on America. Obama sold America out to Iran. Question is, why? What role did Biden play in that?

What did Obama know about Biden’s Ukraine and China deals? Did Obama benefit? Financially and otherwise.


This is no prisoner swap, yes, that may happen, but its what must happen for you to buy simply that they are giving Iran more money…this is ONLY about helping Iran develop nuclear bombs. Only. Question is…why? To do what with it?