'Iran unveils armed drone resembling America’s MQ-9 Reaper and says it could potentially reach Israel'; did I not tell you when Obama & Biden gave Iran the drone, making it land in Iran, it was for

by Paul Alexander

this reason, to build it, use the technology Obama gave them commanding the US military to pretend crash land there *wink wink, so Iran can attack Israel & US & Obama set them path to nukes

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s Defense Ministry unveiled a drone on Tuesday resembling America’s armed MQ-9 Reaper, claiming that the aircraft is capable of staying airborne for 24 hours and has the range to reach the country’s archenemy Israel.

Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency published a photograph of the drone, called the Mohajer-10, on display at a conference marking Defense Industry Day with what appeared to be smoke-machine fog underneath it.

“Mohajer” means “immigrant” in Farsi and has been a drone line manufactured by the Islamic Republic since 1985.’

Obama did more wrong against US and with Biden, than any other set of POTUSes COMBINED.