IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley claimed on Wednesday that he and other agents at the IRS “weren’t allowed to ask questions about dad” or “include certain names” during their investigation into POTUS

by Paul Alexander

Biden's son Hunter Biden. “If there is money that’s going elsewhere, whether it’s to President Biden or elsewhere, we need to follow investigative steps; were not allowed in this particular investion"

Charlie Nash and Gary Shapley

Whistleblower: Investigators ‘Weren’t Allowed to Ask Questions’ About President Biden or ‘Include Certain Names’ During Hunter Probe

‘We were conducting an investigation of Hunter Biden and we were trying to follow the normal process. We were trying to get to the bottom of it, and ultimately if it was going to lead to another individual, you know, we should follow that to determine what is actually happening. But, you know, there were definitely hindrances that I’ve never seen before in my fourteen years concerning this investigation that didn’t allow us to follow through an investigation of any other individual, to include President Biden.

Shapley said that while he wasn’t “frustrated about the outcome” of the investigation because it was out of his control, what did frustrate him “is that we were hindered when we were conducting this investigation.”’