Is Biden admin using Russia Ukraine as a way to arm Iran with Nukes? Think. Would Israel stand by? I wont if I were them. Would Pakistan then not use that to attack Israel? Then India? Then China? See

by Paul Alexander

You see what I have been saying? We are watching the pumps on FOX mongering for war, even Walters whom I love has failed here...except for Tucker and Laura, they are engaging in driving war

We are in a very risky situation in the coming days. This can get catastrophic.

Turn off Fox…only watch Tucker and Laura…

Turn off the inept corrupt Siegal…vaccine shill and now war monger. These are grifters and grafters.

I just saw that the New York Times is reporting that the Ukraine Hunter Biden investigation as to Ukraine etc. is ongoing. Why? Why is NYT bringing this up now?

OBAMA and Biden always wanted Iran to get nukes…don't be stupid and say no, even when they Iran, declared they would use it on Israel. See how devastating this could get? Is this orchestrated or as Rahm always said ‘don't let a crisis go to waste’ Emanuel…is this using a crisis to slip in something deadly like arming Iran with nukes, ‘while you were sleeping’ and drunk on war when you know sh*t about what you are calling for, bedazzled by the same media and animals who killed us with COVID and vaccine lies for 2 years and counting and coming with more, lead by Horseman Bourla from Pfizer???

I have always said BHO admin gave Iran the air force drone that landed there and the 2 naval high-tech gun boats…that was no accident. Think…it was always about arming Iran with nukes and military…why???