Is CDC's Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky as stupid as they say in Washington? I have tried not to go that route for I respect her credentials & the like; but she lies & misleads the nation, & is inept

by Paul Alexander

Is Babylon Bee BSing here as it normally does? I don't know, maybe Walensky is as dimwitted as this seems; ha ha ha, Babylon nearly got me believing this because she is prone to that depth of idiocy

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I actually started off respecting Walensky despite all that is written about her and the like. I do not know her so I start regarding anyone as perfect. I still regard the person as tremendous. I have no reason not to and wish her well. Yet she has distinguished herself to be in the highly incompetent category as has Ashish Jha, the pandemic advisor to POTUS Biden. These people with Fauci have proven to be some of the biggest dolts globally, and it is either they cannot read the science, or do not get it, or actually cannot understand it. They are academically sloppy and are one year behind the data and display a depth of cognitive dissonance that is breath taking. Every single statement she makes is wrong, and with Fauci, she has been flat wrong on everything, 100%.

So would Walensky declare something like this? You bet she would if she could get away with it. She has openly even lied to the nation repeatedly on the data. Straight-faced. Not even a blink. So Babylon is BSing as usual but actually is over the target.


“ATLANTA, GA — After extensive research, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the declining math and English scores of American students were being added to its list of COVID-19 symptoms.

"It's very important to understand that failing test scores among elementary students is a tragic side-effect of COVID and in no way linked to the lockdowns we forced on the American people," said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director and fully vaccinated and boosted COVID patient. "Not only has COVID caused untold amounts of death and destruction around the world but it is now, as we have just decided, lowering the test scores of our students."

Not everyone was quick to support these claims. "It's simply preposterous to suggest that COVID-19 is causing lower test scores in basic subjects," said Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. "Other countries have been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic but their test scores aren't plummeting. Our kids in the U.S. are clearly growing dumber for a different reason."

While officials continued to search for an explanation for declining test scores among students, the CDC was already preparing to add even more symptoms to the growing list of signs of COVID-19 infection. "We have to continue to fight this disease on every front," Dr. Walensky said. "Even if it means making up new symptoms every day and blaming it for literally everything."

At publishing time, health experts were awaiting the results of the mid-term elections before deciding whether voting for Republicans, waving American flags, or wearing MAGA hats were, indeed, new coronavirus symptoms and cause for heavier lockdowns.”