Is Fauci & Francis Collins directly involved in the development of SARS-CoV-2 virus that has decimated the world? If we do not know, we then have to know; we have to penalize & jail all involved!

by Paul Alexander

We investigate properly first. And we want Pfizer's Bourla and Moderna's Bancel under oath first with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins, the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

We must find out all who recklessly played roles in emergence of SARS-2 & then bringing this failed, fraud, non-sterilizing, non-Ab neutralizing vaccine that drives variants; Pfizer's Bourla? Bancel? We assume innocence first of course. But they must answer as to why they did not do the proper safety testing on these vaccines. Why? These vaccines were never properly safety tested. It defies logic. Were they concerned that the studies would demand the vaccines not be brought forward? Did they know the vaccines were harmful and so gamed the studies to not allow safety signals to emerge? Short-term??? Why did they not do the proper animal work? Why did the CDC and others change the definition of being ‘vaccinated’? Did they do this to lump all infections and deaths towards the unvaccinated bucket, knowing that up to 14 days post shot you were indeed ‘vaccinated’? This is fraud and malfeasant. This has to be investigated. All involved seems to have self interest that was immoral and unethical. They failed to do the proper research and science.

Why did Pfizer was to hide data for 75 years? Why? I only want to hide something if there is something to be hidden. What? Why did Fauci and Collins seek to silence people like Bhattacharya? Like me? Why?

Yes we have to investigate the CEO’s of Pfizer and Moderna and under oath. The data submitted to the FDA was fraudulent and the FDA knows this and they the vaccine companies know this and we have to get to the bottom of this, the COVID vaccine EUA’s were given out based on cooked up fraudulent data; these so called vaccines never ever worked!

Under no condition do we risk our low-risk children! None! we do not need children to sacrifice for adults, the children must not be vaccinated, as they bring near zero risk, and nature is well capable of dealing with viruses over vaccines.

I say if we examine these properly in proper legal settings, and it is shown that people committed wrong and caused deaths by their actions, then we jail them! In Canada, US, UK, any nation, anywhere.