Is spike protein from the mRNA technology based gene injection (Moderna-Pfizer) distributed to the entire body? Seems YES, 100%; mouse study shows full body distribution of spike S1 protein!

by Paul Alexander

We can extrapolate from mouse to humans & to vaccine; detected spike S1 binding in most organs, including the heart, lung, liver, kidney, intestine, thymus, spleen, and pancreas, in contrast to the WT

I had written a substack on this European study that showed the massive neurological assault by the mRNA technology based gene injection into the neurological structures; Dr. Makis also write a stack I have highlighted earlier; yet here I have focused on a particular section of this study report for IMO (it has to do with systemic distribution of spike protein and thus the implications), it is profound and helps answer another question we have had that scientists involved in this vaccine have failed to answer. One may say these are developing findings and nascent etc. You can say what you will about this mouse model but last time I checked, the FDA gave EUA bivalent booster approval based on 8 mice. So the mouse model holds!

IMO they always knew it would not stay in the injection site, would be reverse transcribed, would travel all across the body etc. and many other frightening aspects. Why is this important? Because the effects of the toxic spike is broad and system wide and they always knew but kept silent. That is the criminality of all of this.


We can infer from this mouse study to the human population and also the spike from the mRNA technology based gene injection platform: