Is the Biden administration insane? All of them? Who wrote Biden's speech in Poland? He is speaking as if the US is at war, these nuts, these crazy insane people are taking us to WW III, nuclear war

by Paul Alexander

for a cross dressing drag queen? stealing all our tax payer money, laundering it with Sam FTX? trying to hide the role of Ukraine in COVID origin? biolabs? Ukraine is not our concern, never will be!

Where were the Republicans in congress, the men, when testicles were being allocated? For these men have zero stones. Marjorie Taylor Green needs to lend them some of her balls for she gots all for all the Republican men. And the Senators, sitting back silent when Biden is taking us to WW III. Are these people not ashamed, walking us into war, when they know not their children will be shedding blood.

Who the hell was Biden talking for? Can he even utter a word without a prompter? This is madness! These neocon neolib bitches want WW III. The want confrontation. These deranged warmongers and globalists are profiteering and enriching themselves off of endless wars. Trump would have never allowed this. He would have kept us out of war. They have now positioned us ever so close to WW III. Biden spoke in a deranged manner today, as if the US is actually fighting Russia and it is clear Biden et al. have completely mishandled the Ukraine-Russia situation. I mean I can see we are in the war in a round about way. But Putin can crush Ukraine in a minute if he wanted to. They are pushing Putin. I do not blame Putin here. I used to. I now see it clearly. Not one bit. It is IMO the west doing this.

I have an interest in America, so I say no, Biden does not speak for me. These people are stark raving lunatics pushing Putin this way. Now he has withdrawn from START. How much more of a clusterfu*k can you make this Biden? Now China may get into bed with Russia. Do you think the US can handle a combined China and Russia? We have pusillanimous little weak freaks in the State department, frat boys and girls interfering with foreign policy mocking up the world.

Do you think this would be happening if Trump was in power? No. Trump would have ensured no war, none of this madness. This is exactly why we need him back there for 4 more to clean up this shit and jail all these madmen.

No more, we can give no more of our money to this bullshit. This cross dressing freak. Biden did not know which continent he was standing in yet talking smack about US resolve? US is not in this bullshit, you are in your head. Are you people in Washington insane now risking the futures of our children? You are pushing this too far.

Trump delivered peace and will again! He will regain the respect for the US on the global stage. I believe the Trump administration could end the Russia-Ukraine disaster in one hour. With the right leadership in POTUS Trump.