Is there evidence that 'taurine' as an amino acid & which is key to supporting immune health & nervous system function, also can mitigate & reduce the aging process? Yes, Singh et al. (SCIENCE) report

by Paul Alexander

this! What is the molecular basis for Taurine's (semi-essential amino-acid) potent anti-aging (nascent) role? We do not know yet! But promising! taurine in circulation decreased with age!



We need to duplicate this finding with proper comparative effectiveness research, and allow the science to mature and be refined yet preliminarily, it is attractive and not to be sidelined.

‘Supplementation with taurine slowed key markers of aging such as increased DNA damage, telomerase deficiency, impaired mitochondrial function, and cellular senescence.’

‘Loss of taurine in humans was associated with aging-related diseases, and concentrations of taurine and its metabolites increased in response to exercise. Taurine supplementation improved life span in mice and health span in monkeys.’