Is this a case of "It's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine" to all you who still need more convincing? Sad crushing case of MIT Math instructor, Dr. Peter Baddoo who 'died suddenly' at 29; ssshhhh

by Paul Alexander

sssshhhh, should we tell them to consider the vaccine or allow an autopsy etc.?sssshhhh, but unless they rule out that he took vaccine and rules out myocarditis, then vaccine HAS to be on the table


‘Peter Baddoo, an instructor in the Department of Mathematics, passed away suddenly on Feb. 15 while playing basketball on campus.

Baddoo joined the MIT Department of Mathematics in January 2021. Prior to this, he was an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow at Imperial College London. He studied mathematics as an undergraduate at the University of Oxford and received his PhD from Cambridge University.’