Is this any surprise? We said this 2.5 years ago to stop the lockdowns: "Lockdown Effects Now Killing More People Than Covid, Report Warns"; non-Covid excess deaths continue to outstrip deaths COVID

by Paul Alexander

effects of lockdown measures during the global pandemic now killing more people than COVID-19, report; deaths are linked to delays to & deferment of treatment for conditions other than COVID

You have to understand a key statistic, which is that from January 2020 to now, September 2022, the average (mean) age of death for those who succumbed due to COVID, is still 82 to 83 years, while the general life expectancy especially in more advanced western nations is about 77 to 79 years old. COVID never cut the life expectancy. COVID never acted in a manner to shorten life. The risk to children has always been statistical zero.

I open by reminding parents, injecting your children with these COVID injections is the hill you defend, and be prepared to defend with your very all. Their safety and in many instances, lives, depends on it. Under no condition is a healthy child a candidate for these failed dangerous injections. Be prepared to defend your child as if your life is threatened, defend against any shot, if you have to.

Now to lockdowns.

Lockdown lunatic policy and school closures with the COVID gene injection, will go down as two of the greatest public health, if not global disasters in history. The deaths are now beginning to pile up.

Deaths such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease are surging and linked to the delays of treatment and denial of treatment during lockdowns. We warned that deaths due to the lockdowns would kill more people than the virus itself and it is showing up now.

No proper cost-effective analysis, no cost-benefit analysis was performed and I have raised this repeatedly and it remains staggering and perverse that policy makers who usually depend on such analyses looking at costs, risks, and harms and weighing and balancing the optimal options, refused to perform any such analyses, and this was a global action. No one did these. No one conducted the proper analyses of the economic, social, and other broad public health effects of the lockdown policies, with a focus only on the virus. Virus, virus, virus, 24/7. No suitable analyses was done of alternation courses of action. Just one action, lockdown. Just one action, vaccine! And if you questioned as we did, you were killing people. And the human cost never was any concern to any of these policy decision makers.

I mean, it was just insane, as if all of these so called ‘smart people’ all got lobotomies at the same time.

All this when we knew out of the gate, March and April 2020 that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and that baseline risk was prognostic on severity of outcome. That an age-risk curve existed that was steep and that the risk of severe outcome and death to those 70 to 75 years old and lower was basically zero.

Leading academics from Duke, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins have concluded that there could be around a million excess deaths over the next two decades as a result of lockdowns.

study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) found that there were conservatively 170,000+ non-Covid excess deaths in the U.S. through 2020 and 2021, numbers exacerbated by lockdowns.

Another study conducted by Johns Hopkins University and released in February concluded that global lockdowns have had a much more detrimental impact on society than they have produced any benefit.’


Number of suicides in Japan increased 8,000 due to pandemic, study finds

The coronavirus pandemic led to 8,000 more suicides in Japan between March 2020 and June 2022 than would have been expected without it, a recent study has calculated.

Women in their 20s saw the largest rise, but women age 19 or younger also saw a significant increase, according to the study conducted by a team of researchers including Taisuke Nakata, an associate professor at the University of Tokyo.’