Is this US border invasion? Is this planned, orchestrated? I think planned! White house says these people DON'T need vaccine proof since 'they're not intended to stay', BULLSH*T, yet Djokovic CAN'T?

by Paul Alexander

Novak Djokovic cannot enter US but these unvaccinated people can? Bringing Fentanyl too? Brining not just COVID but other diseases, & NOT tested? NOT walking across the border? Not intending to stay?

First, Novak to the CDC Walensky and White House Susan Rice and Obama (as they run the show):


For the White House ran by Susan Rice and Obama to claim (oh so you thought Biden was running things, come on man, Biden only occupies the place physically, it is run mentally by Rice and Obama out of Obama’s DC house, call me, I will bring you up on things ha ha), to say there is a difference between Novak and the illegals walking across the border, and so one must be vaccinated (former) and the other (latter) needs no vaccine or proof, such that the virus knows the difference, then it shows how much trouble we are in. I will vote for a monkey, hell a group of monkeys, hell 100 of them and put them as the new Biden cabinet and POTUS etc. ahead of these clowns. These idiots make Trump’s daily clown car show White House blush. Beam even! Makes Trump’s ridiculous Task Force (save Giroir) look like distinguished Rhode scholars. And they were clear morons!

Any time I want to jump on the Walensky ‘saving face’ bandwagon and throw her a lifeline, call a friend etc., I read this crap and see this crap and then near hurl on my keyboard.

What a bunch of bullshit crap by the White House and CDC. Just stupid idiots! Novak should just take his rackets and walk across the border, take bus or taxi to New York and go play! By the WH and CDC’s definitions, once you ‘walk’ in on the Southern border, you are not coming to stay and your vaccine status is not needed. So front them, do it! Let them try to stop you, put them in that position, and then you will know what this is really all about!

First, the CDC and WH working non-sensically and illogically to keep Novak out of the US Open and the WH tells you that Novak’s situation is different than the illegals. What? This denial of Novak remains a specious policy that only John McEnroe can best tee up:



John McEnroe labels Novak Djokovic’s US Open absence ‘b******t’

“I think it’s b******t that he’s not allowed to play, to be blunt,” McEnroe told the Daily Beast. “I think it’s quite a gutsy stand, in a way, to do what he’s doing, because he’s potentially sacrificing being unequivocally the best ever, since he got thrown out of Australia… If he’s not in New York, this is another one that he could have won. So he’s risking something, but that’s also what made him so great.”

So now we square that inane and vacuous and absurd Novak decision, to consider what the White House (WH) is saying about the hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing the border daily, unchecked. WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre actually says the illegals are not walking across the border. Is it that she is legally blind, cannot see it, or does not know? Can she be that clueless? Or corrupt and is just lying, straight faced. Which? I need to know for I am lost for words at the dangerous bullsh*t.

So when you thought the bullsh*t was beyond being topped when Psaki was the WH Press Secretary, count on the Biden clown car to trot out an even more incredible bullsh*tter. I mean it’s utter bull and I just cannot believe she believes any of the crap she states. Near daily for the WH. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is telling you, that a) people are not walking across the border and b) they do not intend to stay

What? I will not say nothing more. I will urge Karine to not let the Biden administration destroy her credibility this way. She is being used and made daily to look like a clown. She is not. I am confident she is not. She should stop the crap and tell the WH NO, that I cannot lie this way and cannot make myself look so foolish daily! Quit, IMO.

I figured she is either distracted, too busy to prepare, told to go and lie, or just dumb. I cannot figure out which one but I think likely the latters. Read what she said here and it allows you to understand she has zero clue about what she is saying about fascism. Does not know what it means. She did not realize that under the Biden administration, that the US is run as a fascist nation allowing big business and tech to run the government pretty much:

"I was very clear when laying out and defining what MAGA Republicans have done," Jean-Pierre told reporters. "You look at the definition of fascism, and you think about what they're doing in attacking our democracy, what they're doing in taking away our freedoms, wanting to take away our rights, our voting rights, I mean, that is what that is. It is very clear and that's why [Biden] made that powerful speech."

She did say one thing in her ludicrosity that is correct which basically is that the wall was not built and that was a failure of the past administration. It could have been done. I will argue with anyone, it could have been built. Had Trump built the wall, he would have gotten 3 terms.

“By contrast, or to the prior administration, ​i​mmigration strategy was to build a wall and they couldn’t even come accomplish that in the four years​ … which is also a policy that just does not work​,”

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