Is this what the democrats & RINOs & deepstate have in store for '45' aka POTUS Trump? Are elements in Biden administration capable of extreme acts like this re Yevgeny Prigozhin plane crash? Someone

by Paul Alexander

in Vlad's inner circle ordered this? To even think that we are at a place now where you would kill your political opponent, use Justice law enforcement e.g. FBI to arrest you opponent e.g. Trump?

I am very concerned for POTUS Trump for I think and I know I am over the target, that the Democrats and RINOs and deepstate elements have decided that they must imprison Trump so you will not be able to vote for him, or outright kill him. I think they are moving in the latter direction, to get crazies in their orbit to ‘John Kennedy’ POTUS Trump.

It is not wild, until I see him survive and legitemately contest the POTUS election 2024, I think they are trying to ‘off’ him. I think they believe they could ‘Prigozhin’ Trump. We must pray hard that the Lord protects this man, grants him favor, hovers over him, protects his family and lead him to victory. WE must pray that his security do their jobs and are not bought off and sway to deadly sick people bent on destroying America.