Islamist terrorist Minassian (I do not care how much Canadian government tried to confuse you & lie & spin), slapped on wrist with sentence of 25 years before parole for 10 murders with his truck

by Paul Alexander

Only in Canada; He should have gotten life without parole, PERIOD! Never ever to see the light of day and if possible he should have gotten the death penalty (rules changed for him)

My view so allow me to have my view.

First, he should be hung. Put that aside, the ruling was wrong for he gets the chance to come out when he is still a young person. He did not get life in prison, that’s bull sh*t games with words as usual for after 25 years he could get out. This is such a tragedy for the families and survivors even those injured but survived. He should be locked up the rest of his living years, period! He should face harsh punishment, even hard labor etc. This is no innocent person, this is a terrorist islamist (I am convinced) and all that bull about celibacy etc. That’s bull sh*t. This guy knew what he was doing and is a cold blooded killer.

He should have gotten life without parole period. So tell me, what can he do, to say after taking his truck and running over 10 people, in fact about 25 people, 15 survived I believe, so tell me, how could he rehabilitate? This is all a game bull sh*t political correctness madness courtesy the Canadian government.

And I don’t want no legal person to write saying it’s the rules in Canada. I get that, then change it, it’s insane for what he did.

Hung, or life with no parole, ever! That should have been the sentence. And harsh conditions. What he did was monstrous!


Alek Minassian confesses in police interview after Toronto van attack