Israel infections/cases today, January 28th, shows us what I and Malone and McCullough told you near one year now; that the vaccine was a failure and even harmful; these vaccines; non-sterilizing

by Paul Alexander

And what is happening in Israel will happen elsewhere; we have a non-sterilizing vaccine driving immune escape due to mass vaccination, the result is highly infectious variants; a numbers game


I am happy that others read our work, and write about it. Will be nice if they credited us;-)

I/we have been saying near one year, the vaccine failed. Failed on Delta and Omicron and we begged that this be stopped. Recall my op-ed on the 40 studies showing the failure.

What is the result, no matter how mild the Omicron is, just based on the sheer numbers (a ‘numbers’ game), you will overwhelm the healthcare system and people who need care wont get it and people will succumb to other conditions as can’t get care. Not deaths due to the lethality, but due to the sheer numbers. A numbers game. There will be a spike in hospitalization, and ICU, and death. I, Geert, Mc Cullough and Malone have been saying, you have underestimated the capacity of the virus to respond to the infectious pressure by the mounting immunity (vaccinal antibodies). Vaccinating into a pandemic. A pressure that is sub-optimal and non-sterilizing. We did this, the vaccine developers and our governments with their insanity. We created this disaster. And it will get worse if it is not stopped. Immediately as we have been pleading. I get attacked, Malone gets attacked, McCullough gets attacked when we write what we see are the catastrophic mess at hand. We will keep writing and talking.

Now we are getting news that Israel buys Novavax from US, why? Is it because the mRNA platform is a complete failure and harmful? I say 100%, for sure.

Curves of 7 nations:

Israel alone, see 5 curves, but this one due to omicron and vaccine is catastrophic and 4th booster that has failed, giving some protection for a few weeks/month and then no immunity, so it is a failed vaccine. Why? It is impossible to boost every month and we never studied how the immune system will react nor the pressing issue of antibody-mediated viral enhancement:

Cases and deaths India, why do you think India’s deaths have remained flat? Do you think early treatment with HCQ and IVM works? I think so, firmly.