ISRAEL: Vaccinated kids half as likely to get Omicron, but protection fades fast — study; HUGE ISSUES WITH THIS STUDY; one, no link given to assess methods; we give Jeffay WHO's statement minute 1.00

by Paul Alexander

Health Ministry-led research also shows teens who got their shots over four months ago only slightly better off than unvaccinated...say NO to Fauci and his MADNESS, yes, he is dangerous!

Let us begin with this recent WHO top scientist statement that children do not need boosters, see minute 1.00 para “there is no evidence that boosters are needed in healthy children or adolescents”…huh????????????????????????

It's falling apart people, falling part…

No official url in Jeffay’s report…but see the reporting...what about natural immunity? Was this status assesses in the vaccinated? How? What about 'training' of innate antibodies with exposure in children? How did they measure infection? PCR? We need to know; GVB is an advocate and explains lucidly how vaccinal antibodies (in this case young persons, children) work to suppress the innate antibodies leaving kids open to a range of infection they would normally handle…

I guess the key here is this lost in the reporting and again, lots we do not know, but to me, it is clearly understood that natural immunity is superior to vaccinal immunity; thus the kids who were unvaccinated and got infected are now way better off, they are now naturally immune; they have escaped the toxicity of the vaccine and the myocarditis risk…the study states that the vaccinal immunity fades after some months…again, we are damaging our immunity, our natural immunity too with these vaccines, there is evidence of this and boosting is a culprit.

Now we see this craven lockdown lunatic and mad scientist Fauci saying that FDA Could Authorize Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Under 5 in the Next Month. Is this guy insane? stark raving insane? based on what? what science? what benefit?

Parents need to say NO and always confront this COVID and similar as a risk management issue and always ask, for my low risk child, healthy child, does the benefit of this vaccine outweigh the risks?

So what is the value added? and moreover, these findings appear to contradict the reporting we are seeing globally of little to no risk to kids from COVID and especially Omicron…Hopkins Makary (whom I deeply admire) states repeatedly, in the US, no ‘healthy’ US child has died from COVID…and remember the German and Swedish study I had shared a month or so ago, across the pandemic, not one child has died of COVID and in Sweden there were no lockdowns or masks or school closures.