It is a huge concern, a staggering wrong when Fauci could hold a senior role in the pandemic response in Trump & Biden admin and also a senior decision-making role in NIAID/NIH as to who is funded

by Paul Alexander

This is what real corruption looks like; this technocrat who I consider to be one of the most inept, illogical, irrational, and often absurd so called scientists could muzzle scientists as the funder

I will share, many, I mean maybe 50 in all, scientists from CDC, NIH, and FDA have spoken to me across time while in DC and out of DC, that they agreed with my views and writings etc. and attended meetings just to listen to my views but must remain silent out of fear they will lose their positions, their grants, and careers…scared out of their wits, for their own safety too, if it was ever known they were speaking with me…I was the enemy for I preached an age-risk stratified approach (protect the vulnerable in a society first) and not lockdown or close schools…I was a threat I was told…I preached early treatment…I said allow the children then (I saw the data and understood the risk) to harmlessly and naturally live normal lives…their immune systems could handle COVID and to stop all this nonsense that could harm the children…for this I was pilloried…but look around 2 years in…exactly what I said is same today…you are insane, reckless and dangerous if any parent agrees to give their child these vaccines…you may kill your child…I warn you again.

Forget what Trump says anymore on thee vaccines…

And Fauci uses this over them, this is why the madness we have lived the last 2 years went on…they were muzzled for it was known you speak out and dont tow the line, your career is over. This is what Francis Collins and Fauci did, a apocalyptical duo…

NIH gets about 50 billion per year to allocate to other funding agencies and all universities and hospitals and all research places…you HAVE to tow the vaccine line and lockdown line and the ‘pretend there is no safe and effective treatment’ line and send elderly high risk persons home to ‘worsen in place’ and ‘wait and see’ to thus hasten to die…for that is what happened…and as doctors, you refuse to treat them…despite having safe and effective drugs. else if you did, your license will be threatened. and yanked. and several are in that position now.

40-50 billion $ over 30-40 years, thats over 1 trillion…think, who has that kind of allocation, which public servant??? This is why entire universities, academic departments, scientists etc. are silent or have gone along to help carry out the insanity we lived, supporting lockdowns, school closures and mask mandates knowing these killed people…not the virus….have helped push these injections that are safety untested and do not work…they never worked…yes I said it, they never worked…and are unsafe…as you see.

Always follow the money people…follow the money. These be the two henchmen…

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