It is clear from the previous stack I put out that the COVID vaccines are damaging our natural acquired-adaptive immune systems but importantly, the UK data actually shows destroying INNATE immunity

by Paul Alexander

To me, it is clear this is behaving like a bioweapon; if I wanted to harm a population or world & kill people, slow kill them, then I would bring a non-sterilizing vaccine like this one, just like it

If the intention is to bring a bioweapon that would mass kill people slowly, to keep the pandemic ongoing for decades, to keep infections ongoing and spiking and as such continued lockdowns and you cowering in fear etc., and as such to justify the remaining in place ‘emergency powers’, keeping the emergency in place, then I would do exactly what they are doing now…they at CDC and NIH and NIAID and Wuhan lab and all the players in the gain-of-function research…exactly this…no change. IMO, they know what they are doing, and I argue now this is looking like there is a deliberate motive here, as this is either gross unreal ineptness or malfeasance, and I just cannot tell the difference or decide. But I am leaning to the latter. It cannot be this depth of stupidity and incompetence by so many ‘experts’ and for so long.

The deaths coming due to this vaccine will dwarf what has happened to date.

What we are seeing to me, IMO, is a likely slow kill of populations, and unless I am shown otherwise, this is my opinion and I bring bioterrorism acumen to the table (Johns Hopkins under DA Henderson), enough, and I can see no other explanation for it is very illogical, deafening, frightening, that the vaccine makers in Pfizer and Moderna, that the leaders like Francis Collins, Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Hahn etc. could have brought this vaccine under operation warp speed (OWS), that those at NIH and CDC could do this, knowing what they were seeing an ominous development; looking at the same data I am looking at 13 months now and certainly in the last 8; knowing that once the vaccine did not stop infection or transmission (out of the gate) and as such was non-sterilizing as they themselves said, that if you went ahead and mass vaccinated ‘into’ the pandemic with concomitant infectious pressure and mounting sub-optimal immune pressure on the infectiousness of the virus e.g. the spike antigen, then natural selection would, and I say MUST act to select the ‘fittest’ variant (s) that could overcome the mounting sub-optimal non-sterilizing non-neutralizing immune pressure, and this would allow for ‘selection’ of the most infectious and potentially most lethal ‘virulent’ variant that has a competitive advantage, and that would be enriched in the environment and become the new dominant variant e.g. Omicron and e.g. Omicron BA.2 etc. We are seeing this.

The vaccine is damaging the INNATE immune system, our usually potent first line of defense and the UK data week 11 tells me this. I shared prior and included again below in the stack. The rise across age bands from week 10 to 11 is very shocking and may we say we told them this would happen if they did not stop the vaccine. These vaccines are not only ineffective as we know, but harmful. These COVID vaccines could damage humanity, this is not a simple matter, this is to be taken seriously this hour. The vaccine MUST be stopped!

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Ominous signs week 11's UK COVID Omicron data; compared to wks 5-10; it is past driving competitively advantaged variants; is this idiosyncratic? or are we now damaging 'acquired-adaptive' & 'innate'?
We are playing with fire if we continue the vaccine for the natural innate immune system, the innate Abs, and innate NK cells and other aspects, function to blunt and take the edge and tamp down virus e.g. COVID virus, so that if it cannot eliminate the virus completely, and innate is in effect breached, then even as it is contravened, it would have smo…
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