It is not in nations with highest vaccine' rate, but you will see massive infection in nations with 'more aggressive' vaccinations; key is 'training of the innate Abs'; less outcompete by Vaccinal Abs

by Paul Alexander

Those nations with slower vaccine roll out will allow the innate immunity to be trained due to repeated exposure of the unvaccinated; we do not replace innate and acquired Abs with vaccinal Abs

By vaccinating, we are changing the innate and acquired adaptive immunity with a type of immunity that is incapable of reducing viral transmission, as it is non-sterilizing, and thus we will never be able to get to herd immunity. Its is very dangerous what we have done. The nations with high vaccination, have set themselves up for disaster as they replaced healthy innate and acquired immunity with this sub-optimal immunity.

Africa has very low vaccination rates and we pray it stays this way and the vaccination rates have gone very slowly. This is terrific. I think at about 10-12%. We have seen in Africa a huge spike in infections but not a simultaneous spike in hospitalization of deaths. The nations with most aggressive roll-out e.g. Israel, US, UK etc. have not fared well as to infection spikes. By training of innate Abs, that then gains in affinity for the antigen, then it is more difficult for the vaccinal Abs to outcompete/suppress the innate Abs.

It seems then that the nations especially in Africa or poorer nations on the whole, that did not vaccinate massively or aggressively, allowed training of their innate immunity and between their innate and natural immunity, they have staved off more infectious variants like Omicron or even Delta. There was infection but not lethal disease.

It is almost as if the means to control a pandemic is through innate immunity. We have spoken so much about natural acquired immunity, but do not forget innate, for it is likely more critical. As the 1st line of immune response, it is potent and does huge work for the acquired-adaptive to tamp down the load etc.

‘Coronavirus is the Ebola of the rich and requires a coordinated transnational effort. It is not particularly lethal, but it is very contagious. The more medicalized and centralized the society, the more widespread the virus. This catastrophe unfolding in wealthy Lombardy could happen anywhere.’

This is a critical statement for it underscores that the richer nations have fared far worse and it is our medicalization and hyper sanitization too (must be considered) that have hobbled us. Yes, but at the core of the failure, it is the mass vaccination of the population using a non-sterilizing vaccine, and we greatly underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to adapt and evolve in response and the subsequent role of natural selection in ‘selecting’ for most infectious (thank God non-lethal as of yet) variants.

‘Similarly, when the next variant comes along, Mahdi says, it will be important not to immediately panic over the mere rise in infections. This rise will be inevitable, and any policy that's intended to stop it with economically disruptive restrictions, such as harsh COVID-19 lockdowns, isn't just unnecessarily damaging — "it's fanciful thinking." Instead, officials should keep an eye out for the far more unlikely scenario of a rise in severe illness and death.’