It is not yet a stable equilibrium; non-neutralizing COVID vaccinal antibodies still prevent severe disease but it is not stable and will evolve; initially, we suppressed infectiousness & virus then

by Paul Alexander

came back and brought us omicron, much more infectious; now we are suppressing severity, but do you not UNDERSTAND that the virus will overcome the immune pressure on VIRULENCE and evolve?

Unless it is a stable situation, you are making a devastating mistake not understanding the evolutionary capacity. The virus has and will evolve and disastrously.

The virus, variants will select for variants that will overcome the block on virulence and we will then be seeing more severe illness not only in the elderly but across the board and especially in our children. We had research showing that in vitro the BA.4 and BA.5 was causing formation of syncytia and syncytia is linked to severe disease.

Bottom line is that the initial reduction of viral infectiousness was not that positive, we were wrong to say it was nature’s gift, we did not fully understand yet, for it, the virus, overcame the sub-optimal immune pressure and we got much more infectious omicron. The blocking of severe illness (as we have seen with omicron) will go the same route and the virus will return (and is showing us this) with variants that will overcome this block on the virulence hurdle. As GVB says, the diminished virulence and severity is not a good indication, it is a glaring red flag. Be warned. The vaccine must be stopped. Severe disease is coming and across the board.