It is OVER! You have to trust me and the steep scientists and doctors I work with daily by the hour, we look at the data and science by the hour: COVID is done! Omicron as I shared prior showed this!

by Paul Alexander

Omicron is less than a common cold, non-lethal, and ER physicians are sharing that it is very mild for the elderly, symptoms for a few hours, less than a day usually, no treatment needed; NO BOOSTER

Omicron is your natural booster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said one month ago that omicron was a last gasp by the virus and we could make things worse by continuing this mass vaccination. We would drive variants. To leave everyone to hell alone and specifically our healthy children with these damn vaccines! No booster as the vaccines failed and you are taking a booster that is failed. Whatever scheme they had is falling apart now and we have to ensure in time, we hold all who partook, no matter what level in society you are, no matter who you are, we hold you accountable legally…and punish you. Thousands of business owners took their lives and employees and children due to the lockdowns and school closures and the insanity. The craven lockdown lunatics!

Media would not tell you the true data for it would have made Trump’s pleas to open society and schools look good. They told me in DC this is the way. In every regard, you were lied to from day 1. And the Biden administration is continuing the lies you heard under Trump’s admin. I supported him but he let the demons run the pandemic response and for that, he failed as a CEO and leader. He lost control…he failed to exercise the leadership to fire them, Fauci and Birx, and it cost him. Yes it did for smart people who were hurting by the madness, stepped away. They lost lots. They may have stolen the election and there is credibility in that, but leave open that he may have lost too, even by a little for his handling of COVID was a disaster. And you did not support him more than I.

Like how he allowed these devastating vaccines to be brought. This OWS madness! I don’t care how much regulatory inefficiencies and red tape you squeezed out of the process. ‘Time’ in drug and vaccine and medical device development is not a construction site ‘time’….it is there for a reason, so that we can monitor for safety signals…they cut corners, they cut safety corners and it is showing now and many more will die of these vaccines. I beg do not vaccinate your children with these.

We have good data from South Africa (SA) and Denmark that omicron is a dud, and remember, SA has only 20% or so vaccinated. So this is not to do with vaccines. This decline in infections etc. in SA is all natural immunity in healthy folk, early treatment (yes, doctors use it below the table as in the US and rightly so) and also the mildness of omicron…

It is over, COVID is dead and omicron tells you this. Yes, infections up, curves up, but what matters is cases and hospitalizations and ICU and deaths…and those death curves follow on by 1-2 weeks, usually two and we have had that time since omicron started and we see no such thing. no concomitant rise in ICU or death, no where. infections and deaths have been uncoupled. This is magical and a gift and happiness. Tell them now to PHUCK off with their COVID! and their omicron bull.

There must be no masks, no vaccine mandates, none! we never ever should have mass tested asymptomatic people or quarantined asymptomatic people…no quarantine of simple exposed persons….no, we only test and isolate symptomatic persons…period. We need to stop all these mandates NOW. these border quarantines. We only focus on unwell symptomatic persons with a strong clinical suspicion. Stop all the damn testing with this flawed PCR over cycled test. It detects viral dust and fragments and old virus and cannot even distinguish cold from flu from RSV from COVID virus. This test was used to commit this hoax and fraud on the people. along with the concept and lie of recurrent infection and asymptomatic spread…lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We studied the best data and all lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Most of the millions of infections they reported over the last 2 years were NEVER infected. 95% false positive and these demons like Fauci and Birx know this.