It is the College of Physicians & Surgeons in Canada, the State Boards in US, the medical doctors, are ALL to blame, some due to weakness, some seeking money, some corrupted malfeasant criminals!

by Paul Alexander

The medical doctors are to blame, they should have stood up to the corrupted inept technocrats and bureaucrats, they should have said NO and protected people! The vaccines KILL, they know it!

Booster shots are killing people!

These medical doctors, for money, fame, job and career, for incentives, helped governments kill us and our peoples. Yes, had they said NO day one and told the governments to shove the vaccine up their corrupted asses, none of this would have happened. But they joined in and we must not forget them. They are not that stupid, there is some malfeasance in some. Cannot be that stupid. IMO, any doctor that gave these shots or recommended are CRIMINAL.

These shots and ill effects end up in spleen, testis, ovaries, adrenals, liver, bone marrow etc.

This vaccine was ineffective day 1, harmful day 1, and they all knew it. Bourla of Pfizer knew and Bancel of Moderna knew. They did not care, it was about profits and their objectives. Fauci et al. knew this. They lied to us all. These IMO are malfeasant criminals. Not one COVID lockdown lunacy policy worked. Nothing worked! The COVID injections are not only ineffective and cannot stop infection, replication, and transmission, it is that they are harmful, subverting our immune systems, damaging it long-term.

It does not stop severe illness, does not.


e.g. 92% of those who died in Canada of COVID, last month in British Columbia (June-July) were fully vaccinated! so let us extrapolate 92% of those who died with COVID in Canada were fully vaxxed. The triple and 4th vaccination is the devastation issue now (evidence suggests 80%). This does not prevent severe illness and death. This is bullshit that you are fed. The more boosters, it is a dose response, your risk of death escalates. This pandemic will never end with these non-sterilizing vaccines that are sub-optimal and placing sub-optimal pressure and driving infectious variant after infectious variant.

Fauci, Birx, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins, Tam, Njoo etc. al…these people must be investigated as to their policies and if they are shown wrong, then impose stiff financial penalties and jail them! I would also jail many of those in the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons people, and many medical doctors. Many!

This vaccine destroys your natural innate and acquired-adaptive immunity.

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