It is the vaccination of the population 'WHILE' there is virus circulating that is the rate limiting step and have and will drive the emergence of more infectious variants (can even be a deadly one)

by Paul Alexander

We must never implement in a population vaccines that do not induce sterilizing immunity that do not prevent infection or transmission as these COVID vaccines; these vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission so 100% will never allow reaching herd immunity. Period. They are a failure. Never use this type of sub-optimal vaccine to perform mass vaccination when virus is circulating in an epidemic or pandemic. You are vaccinating the population and the vaccinal antibodies are rising while the vaccinal antibodies are bumping up against the circulating virus. This is the point where there is a huge problem. At this point you are placing the circulating virus under tremendous immune pressure. And as this trifector of mass population vaccination as the vaccinal antibodies mount and in the presence of heavy virus circulating, will drive natural selection of the 'fittest' are putting tremendous immune pressure on the spike protein on the virus which impacts have underestimated and discounted the tremendous evolutionary capacity of the virus to detect the pressure you are putting it under and responding to how it responds to lockdowns too...and with the immense immune pressure, there is then natural selection of the 'fittest' variants and in the population there would be a high number of persons in same situation and the variant that is best able to surmount the immune pressure will then become the dominant variant. Its is the mass vaccination DURING an epidemic or pandemic that is the rate limiting step. We just do not do that and the result could be catastrophic including not only more infectious variants but deadly ones too.