It is time, it is time that EPOCH, CHD (Kennedy's outfit), Brownstone, DEL (Highwire) and the rest of the so called 'Freedom Fighter' media earn the donor & public money with real honest media, it's

by Paul Alexander

time that EPOCH etc. interview the 10 Horsemen of the Apocalypse who took tax-payer money over decades, fattened up, raised horses on tax money, now must answer for the death they brought (mRNA etc.)

The public has been swindled, lied to, misled, while they the 10 Horsemen and their wives and husbands lived high on the hog, benefitting, fattened up and got fame on IMO fraud. Fraudsters all of them and their inventions and vaccines killed people. Reckless dangerous people.

Come sue me. Come.

Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, IMO must sit in a trial dock and be hung if a judge and jury decides their vaccines were dangerous and killed people. Once a legal judge and jury examines all evidence, hang them high. Examine each of the 10 Horsemen, each. They have tales to tell, under oath, separate, not like the cigarette CEOs dog and pony, no, separate, Fauci, Malone, Francis Collins, Weissman, Kariko, Dasak (GoF), Baric (GoF)….all of them.

The 10….This 10 gave us death and it will continue for decades. And many of them hide out in the Freedom movement. In your face, it is so perverse, they knew we would come full circle and figure them out so like the cowards they are, ran into our anti-lockdown anti-COVID vaccine movement to hide in plain sight, kind of like the killer demon devil Nazis who hid for decades in our societies.

Pusillanimous animlas they are, feral, banal IMO. For what they tried to pull off and did pull off.