It is time, it is time that Robert Malone be asked to answer questions about his role in mRNA technology & how it works & how to turn it off given deaths! It is offensive & insane that someone who

by Paul Alexander

has benefitted off of 'I invented the mRNA technology' goes about without addressing key questions as if he has nothing to do with the harms and deaths! Malone must be questioned under oath on mRNA

The issue is I cannot be bought and do not fall for the garbage lies and fraud. Even within the COVID movement.

Would I join the long line of persons Malone sues, maybe, just maybe with this one! But it works both ways. Malone has exposure for what he has done on media and we are not the suing type. Yet we could become the ‘suing’ type too. I could.

I place the deaths due to the mRNA technology gene injection platform at the feet of all of them, I place the vaccine deaths at Malone’s feet, his mRNA technology, with Bourla and Bancel and Sahin et al., all of them….we need answers from Kariko, Weissman, Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Fauci, Francis Collins, all of them including those I have not named…all who played a role in mRNA technology and these deadly gene injections, must be questioned properly under oath for they engaged in actions and withheld information that harmed people; as a scientist, this is my opinion, I think they all are culpable.

If you agree and go on stage railing against the COVID vaccine, then it is the mRNA technology you mean yet you play a game (in want of money and fame) to not go to ‘source.’ I go to source.

Malone I worked with, stood on stage with, had meetings with, was part of groups with him, was enlisted in his group or organization and told them No. I wanted no part of it. I have no issue with Malone as a person, I have issues with his science, his mRNA technology work and demand that he answers serious proper questions from the right people in the proper forums. It is his mRNA technology that is at the heart of the killing of people that you rail against and even make money off of. Do you not? You make money, you take donor money. You enrich yourself. Yet you do not ask him any questions? It is actually perverse, you are being deceitful to the very public you pretend to be wanting to help. You are a hypocrite!

Go read the bible for where Jesus placed hypocrites, he called them ‘brooding vipers, empty tombs, bottomless pits’. He reserved the harshest words for hypocrities. I think you are hypocrites, you know who you are in the ‘movement’.

Malone knew the mRNA was unsafe and deadly & he knew, he must have known that the roll out would result in serious harms to people as we see; he knew it would drive Darwinian selective pressure on the antigen (vaccinating broadly into the teeth of a pandemic across all age groups with massive infectious pressure as vaccine induced immunity mounted and thus induced vaccinal antibodies not getting time to arrive at their ‘full affinity’ or ‘maximal binding capacity’ to the antigen (epitopes), and thus why was he silent? He knew a sub-optimal ‘leaky’ imperfect vaccine would place population immune pressure on the antigen (on the infectiousness of the virus, the spike antigen) and thus drive viral immune escape and thus infectious variants, one after the other (with the potential for a more virulent one emerging). He knew that original antigenic sin (immune fixation, imprinting, tolerance) would be a concern and likely emerge. If we knew, he must have known. He wrote that it, mRNA technology was unsafe and thus why was he silent on the potential harms, for so long, why was he silent on the reverse transcription back to DNA that is so harmful to humans, why was he silent on the lie that the vaccine and content (mRNA, LNP, spike etc.) remained at the injection site when he knew the mRNA as part of any exosome type vehicle (extracellular transport vehicle), or LNP complex had to leave the injection site for its mechanism of action. There are so many questions.

Yet he has answered NONE of importance.

I simply want Malone (not only he) and all involved as named above and others, to answer questions under oath, not prejudging. They can school and inform us and I am open to learning new information. I simply want him to step up and answer questions. All of them. All who have benefitted has the duty now to talk to the public, to answer questions as there have been too many deaths due to the COVID injections.

You have to grasp that it is the very mRNA technology that many boast about that is killing you in the gene injection. Did you not get that? Did it not concern you that to date, they have not told you how to turn off the mechanism of action? Would it not help if they did?

We know that the released pathogen is deadly, we know that the spike protein is the toxic business end of the virus/pathogen & the gene injection itself, and we know that the mRNA technology is the ‘engine-room’ of the gene injection. Why has there not been a move to shut down the mRNA from it’s action? All those who invented it must know how to do that if it’s their ‘baby’. If we shut down the mRNA technology mechanism of action we would not get the translated spike protein that is so devastating. The mRNA technology itself is deadly so should this not be the focus? Why the silence?

I am calling on Malone to step up and help us with an antidote to turn off mRNA technology. Nothing about mRNA technology or the LNP delivery system was ever useful and it is a real problem! Deadly!

Thank you Dr. Malone.