It is time, it is way past time for Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Drew Weissman, Dr. Katalin Karikó et al. & all involved in mRNA technology that is the core basis for the COVID mRNA gene injections, explain

by Paul Alexander

what they did, what they knew about harms, when did they know it! They remained largely silent & we have critical questions! Where is EPOCH, Highwire, CHD on this? Why no substantive interview?

mRNA technology as well as LNPs have caused harms, were never safe, should have never been used in this COVID vaccine. It has killed people and we seek answers. Why have these inventors been allowed to profit with tax-payer money for decades leeching off the dole, advertise themselves on the upside as some heroes and bringing something ‘good’, when it is their technology that is so deadly and no one is asking the right questions? Why? Is it money? Have you Freedom Fighter media been bought out? We know Malone got EPOCH to take down adds he did not like (he basically said so para) so does he have that power over EPOCH? Well, IMO EPOCH is bullshit then, should be shut down, it collects donor money fraudulently for it refuses to do the right interview of Malone and Weissman et al. All of them. Why? Did you sell out EPOCH? Jan, what say you? I admire you greatly but why not interview me now on this, you have before. Let you and I talk about Malone and Weissman and the mRNA technology inventors and what the data shows. I open myself up to you, any day and time. As before. Let us talk about EPOCH’s failure here.