It was all a lie! A scam, you will come to learn the last 2.5 years of your life, our lives were taken away for no sound reason, a lie, a fraud of COVID response, lockdown lunacy, the fraud injections

by Paul Alexander

The lockdowns, school closures, business closures, mask mandates, the PCR test, asymptomatic spread, equal risk, no early treatment, the COVID gene injection; all, all were lies! did not need happen!

Sssssshhhhhh, did you just tell me that the MPs in Canadian government who did not take the COVID injection and were barred from entering the house of commons and spoke out in disgust, still got their salaries and benefits, while regular federal employees were locked out and denied pay for months, no benefits when they refused the shot? Is this true? How could those MPs be paid and regular public servants not be paid? Some public servants then took the shots in desperation to put bread on the table, and may have been harmed by them. Is this true as to MPs getting paid? This has to be investigated.

The tragedy is that they have taken a non-issue with COVID and now with these fake ineffective, unsafe, non-neutralizing vaccines, are driving the virus into more infectious and potentially lethal variants, making this now a potentially catastrophic situation. This could have been done. I argue COVID was done January 2021 before the injections were rolled out. This virus could have been long tamped down and dealt with, yet our governments are, with these injections, creating a monster and IMO, they know it. This virus and variants will never ever stop if the injections continue. 100 years. We are going to experience ‘life-long’ COVID.

Now to my main sharing.

You were lied to by your governments and public health officials. All of us were lied to! From day 1 on all things COVID, all the lockdowns and the COVID injections. Pure lies! By all those officials you ‘trust’ in US, Canada, UK, Australia etc. All!

The disaster started March 15/16th 2020 when Trump locked down the US. The world followed. I was told by high level people in various nations that they locked down their nations out of fear the US would ostracize them, blacklist them, cut off western union and money gram money transfers back to their home nations. No other reason. They knew it was a fraud lockdown and they knew the injection was insane to bring in a few months but they had no choice. They had to go along. It was out of fear their nations would be blacklisted directly or indirectly. I tried to tell them (those who spoke to me informally) Trump would have not done that yet as was not that type of person, but as time went by, I grew to realize he had no control over the State department and deepstate. They carried on as they wished. He was powerless to the deepstate, largely because he did not move to fire them day 1. He did not use the tools he could have used. He should have.

The point I am making is that nothing, not one COVID action by our governments, was needed! Not one, and not one government official can defend their actions or show us why they were needed. All of 2.5 years locked down and the like was for nothing. We could have dealt with COVID with none of this. Just life as normal with reasonable precautions and protections of the high risk. That’s all. Maybe 2 weeks to wrap our arms around the issue. Instead they, these craven moronic, illogical, irrational, and specious unsound government officials and their COVID advisors conspired and worked together, power-drunk, and harmed our healthy people and children and it will take decades to recover! It is difficult to wrap your heads around this but this is the truth and I think you know it.

Every COVID lockdown lunatic policy is and was a failure! Everyone! The data has accumulated, the evidence is clear! There is no data, no sound objective data, none, to show any worked. But I and others were telling them one month after, in April 2020, to open up and stop the lockdowns, stop the school closures, but they refused to listen. All in Canada at all levels of government. All in the US. Not one lockdown lunatic deranged policy was needed yet were imposed, and they harmed and killed people. Needlessly. We locked down the well and healthy in our societies yet still failed to protect the vulnerable. All backwards! A bunch of very inept, nonsensical, reckless bureaucrats that not one lost a days pay as they took ours.


In US, Canada, UK, no where. None! I challenge any doctor, any scientist out there, anyone, anywhere, I challenge the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Ontario Science Table, to debate me or my group on any policy! A live public discussion. On these failed fraud of injections. On all your policies. Live, open. Public.

The reality is that we need all federal and provincial and city government officials in US and Canada etc. to be held to account, investigated, to be examined under oath.

All policies were devised, yes, for you to comply for the shot, all of it, not one aspect of this COVID response was needed and had science to back it up, not one! In time, we must take each policy maker and government person into court, and get them to show us how they made their decisions and if they were right or guided by science, we praise them, but if it is shown they had no science, were reckless, knew what they were doing and imposing was harmful, we take all their money and imprison them! No mea culpa. No matter who. We take them into proper legal inquiries. Proper.

We have thousands of police and military in Canada and US vaccine injured and they do not know it YET. It is sad. Horrible what our governments did with these fake shots. It is coming. Many will be harmed and die at some point due to these injections. Auto-immune disease, and harms will come. It has already. We took healthy people and mandated something we did not properly study as to safety. I fear we will pay a dear price on the backs of our police and military. Our nurses etc.