It was always a lie, they all lied, they knew (CDC, NIH, FDA, Biden White House, Fauci, Francis Collins etc.) that immunology held that 'natural immunity' was ALWAYS superior to COVID vaccine immunity

by Paul Alexander

ALWAYS & everything about COVID was a lie, a pure lie, a fraud, Trump was right when he said it was a hoax, lockdowns, school closures, business closures, the fraud mRNA technology gene vaccine, ALL!

How stupid and moronic and dimwitted are the people in government and these alphabet health agencies like CDC and FDA? I cannot properly explain it but their collective IQs fits on the fingers of one hand.

Every single person in government, in all the public health alphabet agencies, all the COVID experts, these nut balls, these corrupted inept specious absurd buffoons, those who made COVID policy, all of the lockdown lunatics, lied, they lied to you, in US, Canada, all of them. The used the lie of asymptomatic transmission and the flawed fraud over-cycled RT-PCR DNA amplification ‘process’ to conspire and mount this fraud pandemic. Trump was always right, it was a hoax. There was never a pandemic, they manufactured ‘fear’ and made you believe it for they used ‘fear of contagion’ that you could not see, using terms of massive mortality when they knew it was a lie. They must be taken into proper legal forums and tried, investigated and placed under trial and if shown to have caused deaths, they must be cleaned out financially and imprisoned. Any and all of them!

Have no mercy for they acted on you and us with scorn and malice when they were in heat, at the heights of the lunacy. So we punish them harshly.