It was always clear to me, the vaccines never worked, failed; period; they brought (in my mind intentional) a failed non-sterilizing (non-neutralizing) vaccine; could have NEVER worked; 200%

by Paul Alexander

Only way out of this is to stop the vaccine program, end all mandates and implement an immediate safety review; we need to understand just how devastating these vaccines were; we need accountability

Don't forget Pfzier’s Bourla, in all we do, ensure he is sitting in a court one day under oath. Me thinks he has lots to say when we hold his freedom on the line. Me thinks there sits a real criminal. Bourla. Etch that name in your mind.

I have always felt that this was intentional, that the vaccines were failed out of the box, never worked against any strain or variant, Delta or omicron. Could not work. They could not be so inept and incompetent. Those involved. To bring something that would be failed and we would need to be on a never-ending boosting program. Causing a rise in IgG serum antibodies is not a measure of immunity; these vaccines did not sterilize the virus and I argue if you did bring a non-sterilizing non-neutralizing vaccine to this respiratory virus that is very infectious, then you were playing a game and it was doomed from the start. They never protected the upper airways and they told us it did not stop infection or transmission. So why did you bring this? The result would have to be boosting every 4 months or so. So they brought a failed vaccine. These are not even vaccines in the classical sense. So much we in time must address. I think they knew and was part of this money making scheme. Now it is about power and greed, grift, to sell as many vaccine as possible and then when its done, they will declare victory. Will say the vaccines work. It is clear to me.

Look, I heard and even think some of the possible reasons and we may say ‘conspiracy theories’ are real. I do. But not that place YET. We must focus on the data and getting this to stop and protecting our children. We will ‘circle back Psaki’ shortly. Do not fuss, we will get accountability.

The fact is speaking strictly immunology, we will never be able to achieve population level herd immunity with these vaccines because we cannot cut the chain of transmission; these vaccines have failed; it was always clear to me; it is that simple; they do not work; you never ever use a non-sterilizing vaccine in the midst of a pandemic; ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will only drive the natural selection of infectious and potentially deadly variants, basic immunology and virology, evolutionary biology. you also cannot discuss this without understanding the role of natural immunity, innate immunity (first line of defense), and the force of early treatment and prophylaxis with those drugs. We also must understand that the more we boost, the more we boost the vaccinal antibodies from prior shot, and the more the risk of suppressing our innate immune antibodies that is the first line of defense and critical defense for children (both innate antibodies driven by B 1 cells, different from B-cell in the acquired/adaptive immune response and innate natural killer cells/NK cells, akin to NK cells of the acquired/adaptive immune response…main difference is the latter is ‘long-lived’ our so called immunological memory). This innate immunity is a beautiful ‘GOD’ given gift and is what our children have in the beginning. Serves them wonderfully for very potent and broad, non-specific to any one antigen, low-affinity, but high titers and very potent, vicious, but we will damage it with vaccine. We may well damage their potent innate immune compartment. We may well set our children up for devastation if we start these vaccines. We will see them presenting to ER with illnesses they usually dealt with easily and more. This is very very dangerous, I do not know how else to write it, these vaccines.

All who is and was involved, all, I do want one day for them to be called to answer under oath and in legal settings and anyone who did wrong, and it is shown with proper inquiring, I want jailed with deep time. I do not care how high up it goes. They must be held accountable for many thousands, millions died due to this farse. And ensure Bourla is among them…