It was never even that COVID was more pathological for our seniors; yes, elderly etc. have weakened immune systems etc. but common cold coronavirus routinely kill our seniors & we knew this e.g. OC43

by Paul Alexander

We know that these mild common cold coronaviruses infects tens of million, more, each year in the US, Canada, everywhere; it is part of life and we do not shut the societies down e.g. 229E and OC43

IMO COVID was far less severe than seasonal influenza and even common colds. This was never a pandemic and only an emergency and maybe a tough flu year. We created disaster with the failed COVID gene injection (Trump made a fatal mistake, catastrophic being lied to by Azar, Bourla, Bancel, Fauci, Birx, all of them with this fraud Operation Warp Speed and allowing Azar to grant liability protection) that today drives the infection and keeps the elevated infectious pressure on the population. The COVID injection is making it such that we will never get to herd immunity due to one infectious variant after another infectious variant.

These mild common cold coronavirus e.g. OC43 and 229E we live with yearly and causes millions of infections and thousands of deaths yearly and in our elderly. It is part of life, what we accept as free societies. What was so different for COVID? Same coronavirus and the mortality rate was not the 10% in SARS-1 in 2003 or MERS in 2012 or so (near 40%).


The Diamond Princess was our petri-dish and we failed to use this. We knew it was a reflection but pretended it did not exist. 7 of 700 infected persons on a ship of elderly persons where in my last read, approximately 20% were infected, in a closed ship. Some said if we model the Diamond Princess mortality rate to the age structure of the US population, we would get a death rate of 0.125%. And in some instances we were told that one person in a couple died and the other did not while both were locked in same cabin for a long period. Why? How? Did the Diamond back then tell us something that this was not our first rodeo with COVID?


An Outbreak of Human Coronavirus OC43 Infection and Serological Cross-reactivity with SARS Coronavirus

“Ninety-five of 142 residents (67%) and 53 of 160 staff members (33%) experienced symptoms of respiratory infection. Symptomatic residents experienced cough (66%), fever (21%) and pneumonia (12%). Eight residents died, six with pneumonia.”

8 of 95 is 8.4% or so mortality. So to say COVID was causing deaths in elderly etc. This is what we are accustomed. Normal colds, like flu, kill our elderly and will kill us too in the future. It is a fact of life. Immune systems are weakened (Immunosenescence) and gradually deteriorates across time. It is life. OC43 is a mild common cold coronavirus we live with that was pandemic likely 200 years ago and now it is endemic, mild, we live with it. As with 3 others. Mild.


Clinical Impact of Human Coronaviruses 229E and OC43 Infection in Diverse Adult Populations

“Three hundred ninety-eight CoV infections were identified, with annual infection rates ranging from 2.8% to 26% in prospective cohorts, and prevalence ranging from 3.3% to 11.1% in the hospitalized cohort. The incidence of infections with each strain was similar, although asymptomatic infection and viral coinfection was significantly more common with 229E than OC43 infection. Although the incidence and clinical manifestations were similar for each strain, OC43-infected subjects tended to seek more medical care, as OC43 was twice as common as 229E among the hospitalized cohort.”

When you extrapolate these figures to the US population as an example of 350 million, you will get millions e.g. prevalence ranging from 3-11%.

Ioannidis has modelled that the IFR of COVID is more akin to 0.05% in persons <70, and 0.15% across the population in US (if I recall correctly). Think about that.