It's as simple as this: we found zero evidence that lockdowns, school closures, masking, business closures etc. worked. None, there has been no benefit of any of the COVID policies, they harmed people

by Paul Alexander

We must be able to hold these people e.g. Fauci & agencies to account for if they kill our children with these unsafe vaccines, we have to fine them & take all of their money but also imprison them.

Not one, not one of the COVID lockdown lunatic policies worked, in fact, they harmed and killed our people and children.

You can only control the COVID (any) pandemic by cutting the chain of transmission. This means there must be no viral infection, replication, transmission in and by the host. This is what we call ‘sterilizing’ immunity with neutralizing vaccinal antibodies (if a vaccine is used). You can get sterilizing immunity via natural exposure. The natural innate immune system and natural acquired-adaptive immune system can sterilize/eliminate the pathogen. A functional one. If sterilization happens, then we can arrive at population-level herd immunity. These COVID vaccines especially the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna are catastrophic failures, actually causing infection in the vaccinated person (and severe illness and death). These mRNA vaccines also subvert our innate and acquired immune systems, with the induced high affinity vaccinal antibodies (Abs) outcompeting and blocking the poly-specific low-affinity innate antibodies from binding and sterilizing the virus, and the acquired vaccinal Abs being essentially worthless. There will be viral immune evasion/escape. The sub-optimal immune pressure against the infectious pressure will and is driving selection pressure to select for fitter variants that could overcome this pressure. Variant after variant will emerge. We have underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to adjust and evolve to the immune pressure. We have failed to recognize the viral-host ecosystem that is responding to the complex interplay and the potent role of the non-neutralizing antibodies in driving infectious variant after variant and a potentially lethal one to emerge.

We have disregarded the importance of the natural innate immunity (a very potent sterilizing immunity in children that they bring to the table/battlefield that helps a population get to herd immunity) in children as our most potent solider on the immunological battlefield in getting to herd immunity. Vaccinating them with these sub-optimal vaccines would be a disaster. We can never ever 100% get to herd immunity with the COVID vaccines, these vaccines. Worthless junk, dangerous, ineffective, harmful and all involved know it. Fauci, Walensky, Collins, Tam, Njoo, Bourla, Bancel et al. All know it. The idiots in this is the populations subjected to it for they/we ‘trusted’.

The COVID vaccines/injections/gene platforms were always investigational, should have been offered and never mandated; and with proper informed consent; these injections are ineffective/harmful.

By Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel, Walensky etc. al with the CDC, NIH, FDA continuing to press to vaccinate our children is a criminal action…they have liability protection. We must be able to hold these people and agencies to account for if they kill our children with these unsafe vaccines, we have to fine them, steep financial penalties, and take all of their money but also imprison them. If proper legal inquiry shows this, we imprison them. All of them. All who continue knowing the harms they are causing.

An important paper:

Van Egeren et al: Risk of rapid evolutionary escape from biomedical interventions targeting SARS-CoV-2 spike protein

‘The spike protein receptor-binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2 is the molecular target for many vaccines and antibody-based prophylactics aimed at bringing COVID-19 under control. Such a narrow molecular focus raises the specter of viral immune evasion as a potential failure mode for these biomedical interventions. With the emergence of new strains of SARS-CoV-2 with altered transmissibility and immune evasion potential, a critical question is this: how easily can the virus escape neutralizing antibodies (nAbs) targeting the spike RBD? To answer this question, we combined an analysis of the RBD structure-function with an evolutionary modeling framework. Our structure-function analysis revealed that epitopes for RBD-targeting nAbs overlap one another substantially and can be evaded by escape mutants with ACE2 affinities comparable to the wild type, that are observed in sequence surveillance data and infect cells in vitro. This suggests that the fitness cost of nAb-evading mutations is low. We then used evolutionary modeling to predict the frequency of immune escape before and after the widespread presence of nAbs due to vaccines, passive immunization or natural immunity. Our modeling suggests that SARS-CoV-2 mutants with one or two mildly deleterious mutations are expected to exist in high numbers due to neutral genetic variation, and consequently resistance to vaccines or other prophylactics that rely on one or two antibodies for protection can develop quickly -and repeatedly- under positive selection. Predicted resistance timelines are comparable to those of the decay kinetics of nAbs raised against vaccinal or natural antigens, raising a second potential mechanism for loss of immunity in the population. Strategies for viral elimination should therefore be diversified across molecular targets and therapeutic modalities.’