It's crucial to enforce our northern border with USA in both directions. NY govt literally pays to ship jumpers North to Roxam Road for easy entry into Canada, while the jihadis use Canada; will rape

by Paul Alexander

to get into US; yes, the jihadists wanting to kill Americans are coming in from warned...Fentanyl, jihadists, all, coming in...Biden is invading America, RAPE gangs coming!

Islamists rape gangs! I am calling it as it is. They have run amock in UK. Raped and killed their way across Europe.

Sharia islam, is one of the greatest threats to America. Yes, was so and remains so. Not mainstream islam, but sharia. This form of islam. This must never be allowed to take root in America though Sharia-controlled zones are already in Minneapolis etc. See Dearborn and Hamtramk, Detroit, USA.

I have many good tremendous American muslim friends, law-abiding Americans, Canadians etc. We break bread together. I am not referring to them. And yes, this threat comes from others too.

‘Oh my, Dr. Alexander is a bit edgy today as I tug at my pearls and fish net stocking and I get the vapors. As I reach for the whisky…boy, he is making me nervous’

ha ha ha

I am telling you, Canada (ill intent people) is in a sick twisted arrangement with ill intent Americans to allow the flood of illegals into the US, through Canada, knowing it includes jihadists with intent to in time, harm Americans.

You think I do not know what I am talking about? You sit back and watch. Hopefully, you are not one of the victims or your children.

I was not at the meeting but I have heard (not been able to verify yet) that Trudeau assured Obama that even on his way out and the orange man was coming, that he, Canada, will facilitate the entry of illegals that would include jihadists into Canada to continue their trek to America, on behalf of his brother, Obama. Yes, Trudeau and Obama agreed on the continued destruction of America and Biden is only making good on the arrangement between Trudeau and Obama. ‘Just keep those jihadists, military aged males coming my brother. We will breed and rape the hell out of America in time. You just wait. You will get your ‘transformation’ you dreamed about. We Canada, will help you hollow out America from the inside my brother. Oh they thought they could stop our goal???’

Do you think this is Babylon Bee? ha ha ha…sometimes I myself wonder. Is this real or not, is this a joke we are living or not? Is this a dream? Is this serious or jest?

I warn you.

2nd amendment, understand it, get armed, train your daughters to use it, legal, store it, learn to target shoot, properly, teach her how to use maximal deadly force if her life is in imminent threat of death, rape. Teach your wives, ensure she has her legal firearm on her at all times. Biden et al. has ensured she is the target now.

Yes, black minority women must be trained up too, get armed, when they cannot get the white women, the blue eyed blond ones they seek, they will rape and kill you. So get trained my black women, get trained. For life in general. Maximal deadly force if your life is threatened. By anyone.

Yes, say Dr. Alexander said it, and yes, I am saying, we are going to experience rape and killing in massive numbers shortly, Biden et al. is making America into Europe, rape gangs of muslim North African males will rape our white girls. That is their aim. Do not sit back, it is here, it is coming, they seek your white blond girls. It is 9th century Neanderthalic North Africa islamist thinking these sick Washington people want to bring to live among 21st century.



Deadmanriding, good post.

Let me say this, it is the military aged from these nations entering America, illegally, jihadists, North Africans, these islamists seek to kill Americans, these are not law abiding muslims, no, these are dangerous people. They rape your girls, they made European nations like Sweden rape capitals. They seek blond blue eyed girls first. Be warned. This is what Biden et al. are doing to you. These people entering the US illegally are coming to rape and murder our women. Sit back and watch.

See this post and it is so good, I will showcase the writer:

‘It was 2015 when it dawned on me that our governments were enabling our destruction. One role of government/leaders is to protect their people. It became obvious they stopped doing this a long time ago. The invasion of people from other nations who actively hate and despise us has been decades in the making. It is now a flood. There are now groups of hundreds of sub-Saharan fighting-age males housed in hotels. An incredibly unhealthy situation. It is deliberate and malicious. I can only surmise that our governments have been infiltrated and corrupted/compromised. In my country, it is estimated that up to 1 million white girls have been raped by Muslim rape gangs. It has been going on for decades and is still going on now. Most recently 13 Somali men in were accused/convicted of it in Bristol. How can this be allowed to happen? Because the police are complicit. Because we are being battered with the 'diversity is our strength' mantra. Because we are being slandered and prosecuted if we point out the ethnicity or religious nature of these men. It's time to stop being fearful of being called a racist and find leaders who are willing to protect us.’ (Boudicca)